Who Is Floyd Mayweather’s Wife? Is He Married?

Who is Floyd Mayweather's wife? Find out in this article.

Former renowned professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, also known as “Money” and “Pretty Boy,” has achieved many great feats within the ring. 

But when it comes to his life outside the ring, the story takes a different turn, especially regarding his love life.

One question that always comes up when discussing his romantic life is, “Who is Floyd Mayweather’s wife?” 

Unsurprisingly, the former five-weight division champion’s fans are all ears when it comes to the latest gossip about his dating adventures. 

A few years ago, everyone was buzzing about his engagement to a long-time partner. 

However, it seems Floyd Mayweather hasn’t found his soulmate yet, especially as he’s yet to tie the knot and might not be looking for a wife anymore. 

While he’s unmarried, the “Pretty Boy” is a father of five kids and boasts a long list of ex-girlfriends. 

This article delves into the juicy details of the 46-year-old’s love life, giving you the scoop on his past relationships and more.

Who Is Floyd Mayweather’s Wife?

Floyd Mayweather is currently single and doesn’t seem to have his eyes set on marriage anytime soon. 

Though many times in the past, he has dated and even popped the question to women he was interested in. 

Sadly, none of his past relationships resulted in a walk down the aisle.

Below is an overview of the women Floyd Mayweather has been romantically involved with.

1. Josie Harris

Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris.
Source: CNN

Josie Harris and Floyd Mayweather enjoyed or—as some would say—endured a long relationship that lasted over a decade. 

The couple first met and started dating as teenagers in 1995, before the start of Mayweather’s boxing career

They got engaged in 2004, but what looked to be a promising union ended in 2010. 

During their time together, Harris accused Mayweather of domestic abuse, claiming in an extract from her unpublished book shared by a concerned friend that he had violently abused her in the presence of her three kids, who were aged 7, 9, and 11 at the time.1 

Mayweather pleaded guilty to the domestic battery charge and was sentenced to 90 days in jail.2 

Unfortunately, Josie Harris passed away a decade after they called it quits on their relationship. 

She was found dead in her car outside her home, reportedly due to an accidental drug overdose.

2. Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson.
Source: The Sunday Morning Herald

Floyd Mayweather started dating Shantel Jackson in 2010, the same year he called it quits with his ex-wife, Josie Harris. 

The couple first met in 2006 and got entangled in a romantic relationship four years later. 

At first, their on-and-off relationship looked promising, especially after Money proposed to Jackson with a $10 million ring back in 2013.

Unfortunately, the couple separated a year later. 

As expected, their unexpected break-up led to many rumors, which the pair refused to confirm to keep their personal lives private. 

However, Mayweather eventually came open, revealing in an Instagram post a sonogram with a message claiming Shantel Jackson had aborted his twins. 

He also revealed in an interview he was led to believe she had had a miscarriage but later found a medical document that apparently proved she had had an abortion.3

3. Princess Love

Princess Love, a model and fashion designer, dated Mayweather in 2013 during the boxer’s unstable relationship with Shantel Jackson. 

However, the relationship was complicated and lasted only a short while.

Princess Love, who was then a member of Floyd’s “The Money Team”, was reportedly in an affair with Ray J. 

Naturally, the boxing superstar didn’t take too kindly to the news and didn’t hesitate to end things with her, labeling her as trash in an Instagram post. 

Princess Love eventually married Ray J and had two children for him before filing for divorce.

4. Doralie Medina

Floyd Mayweather and Doralie Medina.
Source: Just Jared

Between April 2014 and 2015, Mayweather dated cosmetic entrepreneur Doralie Medina, also known as BadMedina. 

The couple first met in 2011 when Medina was working as a massage therapist in Las Vegas. 

Later on, Mayweather invited her to The Money Team to work for him as his massage therapist.

After finally calling it quits with Shantel Jackson, rumors spread that Mayweather was then dating Medina. 

However, both parties never publicly confirmed the relationship, but their frequent public outings and mushy photos gave fans all the hints they needed.

5. Melissa Brim

Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim.
Source: Bossip

Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim first met at a club in the late 90s. 

They wound up in a short-span relationship between 1998 and 2000, which resulted in the birth of Iyanna Mayweather in 2000. 

However, rumors of the two dating again flew around after the pair were often seen gracing several public events together in 2016. 

Before their relationship, Brim already had a son, Devion Cromwell, who is now considered Mayweather’s adopted son. 

Interestingly, the biological father of Devion Cromwell is not public knowledge.

6. Jennifer Duran

Floyd Mayweather and Jennifer Duran.
Source: Hip Hop Vibe

Mayweather was romantically involved with Dominican beauty Jennifer Duran. 

The pair dated back in 2018, flooding social media with several photos of each other. 

In July of the same year, Duran got pregnant with Mayweather’s child. 

Unfortunately, a few months down the line, she suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby. 

This sad event led Duran to end things with Mayweather, stating she wanted to focus on herself.

7. Gallienne Nabila

Floyd Mayweather and Gallienne Nabila.
Source: Hollywood Life

American model Gallienne Nabila dated Mayweather back in 2019. 

At first, their relationship was on and off, but eventually, the pair went their separate ways. 

However, in 2021, both of them were spotted together in New York again, with Money’s arm wrapped around Nabila, sparking the rumor that they were back together. 

Though neither of them confirmed if the rumors were actually true.

8. Anna Monroe

Floyd Mayweather and Anna Monroe.
Source: EssentiallySports

Anna Monroe caught the eye of Money when they first met at his Vegas club Girl Collection.

The two started dating toward the end of 2020. 

However, a picture of Money with an ex that made rounds on the internet strained their relationship.

According to some sources, the photo devastated Monroe. 

Some sources claim she was so deep in the relationship with Mayweather that plans were being made to get married and have his baby.4 

But today, they both live completely separate lives, as they are no longer in a relationship.

Who Is Floyd Mayweather Currently Dating?

The boxing superstar has no doubt had his fair share of beautiful ladies back to back. 

However, he’s surprisingly single at the moment. 

Although he has never been married and doesn’t intend to get married in the near future, Mayweather has five children.

This includes his adopted son Devion Cromwell and his other children with the late Josie Harris and Mellisa Brim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Has Floyd Mayweather Gotten Married?

While Floyd Mayweather has been involved in several relationships, he has never gotten married.

Does Floyd Mayweather Have Kids?

Yes, Mayweather is the father to five kids. 

Why Did Floyd and Shantel Break Up?

According to Mayweather, their relationship hit the rocks when he learned Shantel aborted his twins without his knowledge.

Wrapping Up 

At age 46 and counting, Mayweather has seen it all when it comes to relationships, and he often shares his insights concerning marriage. 

In an Instagram post he made recently,5 he gave his opinion on marriage, subtly stating the reason he isn’t getting married.

The photo attached to his post reads, “Everybody always asks me when am I getting married and why am I not married? I’m not married for the same reason the divorce rate is so high. The only person I will truly trust is myself. Therefore it eliminates disappointment.”

Maybe he’s right; maybe he isn’t. 

Either way, this announcement may disappoint some of his ladies fans, who may have a thing for the boxing superstar. 

On the bright side, questions that were once a mystery—like “Who is Floyd Mayweather’s wife” and “Is Floyd Mayweather married?”—have now been cleared up.

Featured image: The US Sun

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