Where Does Mike Tyson Live? Who Owns His Mansion Now?

Where Does Mike Tyson Live? Who Owns His Mansion Now?

When the name Mike Tyson is mentioned, many immediately conjure an image of the boxing champion in a ring with gloves, ready to pommel his opponents.

But beyond his antics in the arena, fans wonder “where does Mike Tyson live?

Mike Tyson lives in a two-story Mediterranean-style mansion in Las Vegas, a property he has owned for seven years.

In the past, he possessed more than the Las Vegas property, but financial setbacks led to the loss of many.

Let’s take a tour into the living quarters of the man who dominated one of the world’s most physically exhausting sports.

Where Does Mike Tyson Live?

Mike Tyson's two-story Mediterranean-style mansion
Source: New York Post

For the past seven years, Mike Tyson has resided in a two-story Mediterranean-style mansion located in Las Vegas.

In 2015, the heavyweight boxer invested $2.5 million on this opulent estate, boasting six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Tyson’s luxurious abode spans a very generous 10,400 square feet of land in the upscale Seven Hills gated golf course community neighborhood. 

The home features two grand master suites, media room, wine cellar, outdoor kitchen and patio.

Other areas of the house include: a wide living room, an office, a dining hall with window walls, and a great room with a bar.

The house also has a large outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush green gardens.

Who Owns His Mansion Now?

Mike Tyson still has legal ownership over his property in Las Vegas, but an accumulated debt of over 22 million dollars forced him to part with other properties he once had.

Included in the sold properties was a 21-bedroom mansion in Connecticut, a 50 000-square-foot estate in Ohio and a penthouse in New York. Financial troubles compelled Tyson to part with  these properties, leaving him with the cherished Las Vegas house.

He sold the mansion in Connecticut to rapper 50-cent, who acquired it at 4.4 million.1

However, it was too much for 50 Cent to handle, and at the end a US businessman named Casey Askar took over ownership.

The estate in Ohio, after laying bare for years, became a church after the Living Word Sanctuary acquired it. Even in its debilitated state, it was still opulent.2


Mike Tyson, one of the world’s greatest heavyweight boxers has shelled out a mini fortune on housing to have his own slice of heaven on earth.

However, his tale highlights how easy some unwise decisions can lead to the loss of cherished possessions.

Fortunately, he had enough to cushion the effect of his bankruptcy, and his net worth is currently at $13 million, keeping him amongst the 1% in society. 

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