Top 15 Ugliest NBA Players Right Now (2023 Update)

Top 15 Ugliest NBA Players Right Now

The NBA undoubtedly hosts some of the most skillful humans in the world regarding hand-eye coordination and sporting brilliance.

However, some of the league’s players are famed beyond their skills.

The hottest NBA players have earned the fans’ admiration for their stunning looks and fascinating lifestyle, while others are known for their position at the bottom of the ‘charming’ queue.

Several people are more interested in a player’s appearance than their prowess and virtues, sadly bringing about such lists as the “Ugliest NBA Players.”

We will now consider the top 15 current NBA’s most unattractive players in this article.

The Ugliest NBA Players in the League Right Now

15. Luka Garza

Team: Minnesota Timberwolves
Nationality: American

Luka Garza
Luka Garza / Instagram

Luka Garza is a 2021 NBA round-two draft pick but would be a much later pick if it was a draft based on looks.

The Piston’s center is almost seven-foot-tall, but it proves that the tallest players are not the most attractive.

Luka Garza had an illustrations college career, and we hope he replicates it on the biggest basketball stage.

14. JT Thor

Team: Charlotte Hornets
Nationality: South Sudanese

JT Thor
JT Thor / Instagram

Using Thor’s appearance to exemplify that “Black is beautiful” might not be a successful trial.

While body-positivity advocates might argue that Thor is as beautiful as anyone, a regular fan would disagree.

Perhaps, it is a case of seeing the inner beauty, disregarding the unattractive outward appearance.

Thor’s got a cute smile, but his extreme melanin secretion is a downside. However, he is young with a bright future ahead to cover for his appearance.

Moreover, the South Sudanese player is just a smile and a nice haircut away from escaping this list.

13. Gorgui Dieng

Team: San Antonio Spurs
Nationality: Senegalese

Gorgui Dieng
Gorgui Dieng / Instagram

Bellator MMA fighter Anastasia Yankova believes that people are potentially nicer to good-looking people.

True to her claim, Gorgui Dieng was revered as one of the league’s most undervalued players.

He did not have much fat or muscle to complement his staggering six-foot, ten-inch height and was not facially attractive either when the Timberwolves drafted him in 2013.

While Dieng has improved his physique, he isn’t the kind of guy that will sweep a lady off her feet or attract many female fans.

Nevertheless, there is someone for everyone, and Dieng’s love is Amalia.

Even the least charming men are attracted to beautiful ladies, and Dieng’s case exemplifies that.

His wife is stunningly beautiful, and they have a son together.

12. Anthony Davis

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Nationality: American

Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis
(c) Eric Drost

There could be beauty in Anthony’s unibrow, and he has an excellent fashion sense too.

However, a pair of beautiful brows and clothes do not hide the Laker’s ugliness.

Anthony Davis’s large eyeballs and full lips make him look ugly, not to add that his current dreadlock is not the best hairstyle choice.

Nevertheless, Marlen P. found him attractive enough to marry him, and they have a beautiful daughter together. 

Despite not being very good-looking, Davis has an illustrious career. He is an eight-time NBA All-Star and a one-time NBA Champion.

11. Malachi Flynn

Team: Toronto Raptors
Nationality: American

A brown-colored hair, a brown beard, and pair of eyes that seem hidden are enough features to disfigure someone.

We see those features in Malachi Flynn. The 2020 NBA Draft round one pick showed promise in the NBA G League, entering the Second Team and All-Rookie Team.

We wish him a beautiful career in the NBA too.

10. Mason Plumlee

Team: Charlotte Hornets
Nationality: American

Mason Plumlee

It seems Mason does not have that glint of allure that most NBA players have.

The American’s head looks like a piece of cheese sandwiched in bread.

Worse still, there are a couple of photos online picturing him making weird and ugly faces.

Mason Plumlee’s profile does not look more beautiful either; he has some college honors but has failed to replicate them on the big stage. 

9. Udoka Azubuike

Team: Utah Jazz
Nationality: Nigerian

Udoka Azubuike

Fans of the famous anime Attack on Titan (AOT) will see similarities between Udoka Azubuike and the gigantic anime characters called ‘Titans.’

Udoka is a black titan; he is as big as the lot and hardly looks better than them.

The twenty-three-year-old looks older than his age and is quite unattractive despite his staggering height. 

8. Isaac Bonga

Team: Toronto Raptors
Nationality: German

Isaac Bonga

Rebekah alighted from the kennel towards Isaac, possibly because he was good-looking.

Sadly it does not seem anyone viewing the Raptors’ photo gallery will ask Isaac Bonga out on a date.

It is because he is not very attractive; the German’s fat nose, hairstyle choices, and melanin-deposit lips do not make him the kind of guy that only infatuates a woman by looks.

7. Chris Boucher

Team: Toronto Raptors
Nationality: Canadian

Chris Boucher

While Chris Boucher dominated the NBA G League with his performances, he has struggled to impress NBA fans with his physical appearance.

Boucher is closing in on his thirties, and it does not seem like he is aging like fine wine.

With possibly some added fat after his retirement, his flat nose and plump lips could look even worse.

That will be no surprise, though; he is regarded as one of the league’s most unattractive players in 2022.

6. Patrick Beverley

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Nationality: American

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley / Instagram

Patrick Beverley is a two-time All-Defensive Second Team and a one-time All-Defensive First Team star.

While we commend his efforts to excel in basketball, he should do better with his looks.

His dry eyes, thin eyebrows, and ugly beard are some of his naturally ugly features.

Worse still, Beverly’s hair makes you wonder if he is a Nazarite.

5. Boban Marjanović

Team: Houston Rockets
Nationality: Serbian

Boban Marjanović
Boban Marjanović / Instagram

Ladies find tall men attractive, but it seems the tallest men are not the most attractive.

Boban Marjanović is seven feet, three inches tall and would struggle to get most women drooling.

American actor Keanu Reeves may be found sexy while frowning, but Marjanović’s frown could get the opposite reaction; nevertheless, his smile does not make much difference.

Boban Marjanović has large, protruding ears and frontal bossing, making him one of the league’s most unattractive players.

4. Dewayne Dedmon

Team: Miami Heat
Nationality: American

Dewayne Dedmon
Dewayne Dedmon / Instagram

Dewayne Dedmon, nicknamed “The Mechanic,” really lives up to his nickname and is no sight for sour eyes.

He was not the hottest guy in his twenties or no less chance considered among the most handsome players among his peers.

Still, Dedmon’s age has not changed the narrative; he is clean-shaven with a full beard but looks like a full-blown gangster from Detroit.

3. Brook Lopez

Team: Milwaukee Bucks
Nationality: American

Brook Lopez
(c) The White House

Brook Lopez might not be among the league’s best players, but he has enjoyed a fair share of success.

Lopez was named to the 2020 NBA All-Defensive Second team, was an All-Star in 2013, and won the Championship in 2021.

Similarly, he is not among the league’s most attractive players and has made it to the list of ugliest NBA players in the league at the moment. 

There is nothing much to admire in the Buck’s Center than his staggering height.

He looked more attractive with curly hair during his stint with Brooklyn Nets, but it seems age is gradually telling on the thirty-four-year-old, and his shaven hair has proved to be a poor choice.

2. Wenyen Gabriel

Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Nationality: South Sudanese-American

Los Angeles Laker's Wenyen Gabriel
(c) Eric Drost

Perhaps one can only see Wenyen Gabriel’s teeth and eyes in the dark — that’s how dark he is!

His dreadlocks are not any better, and there could be more reasons why Gabriel is included in our list.

We hope Gabriel’s basketball career turns out to be more beautiful; he showed promise during his college years and ranked fourteenth on ESPN’s Top 100 prospects in 2016. 

1. Bol Bol

Team: Orlando Magic
Nationality: Sudanese

Bol Bol
Bol Bol / Instagram

Like father, like son, we must say. Bol Bol, like his father, Manute Bol, is among the most unattractive players of all time in the NBA.

The Sudanese international would probably have more fans if he could only win anyone over with his physical appearance.

However, he is horrendously skinny and dark-skinned despite being one of the tallest players in the league, measuring seven feet, two inches on full stretch. 

We believe Bol’s looks cause most of his fanbase to be male folk.

However, his appearance didn’t matter much to Instagram model Mulan Hernandez when she started dating him in 2021.

Unsurprisingly, the charming model did not see the man Bol was inside but fell for his status and money.

The couple ended the relationship months after Hernandez declared her true intentions via an Instagram post, “Gold digger for life.”

Wrap Up

Beauty is only skin-deep, while skills and efficiency should be the only criteria to consider when rating a basketball star.

Nevertheless, some are curious about the most unattractive and ugliest NBA players.

Their curiosity is not totally out of place if they don’t lose sight of the fact that the most talented players are not the best-looking.

Such a fact will help them appreciate these players, focus on their potential and achievements, and respect them regardless of their physical flaws.

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