Top 10 Tennis Academies in the World (2023)

Best Tennis Academies

Tennis is one of the most exciting and entertaining sports in the world. Tennis, though it may seem easy to play, requires great effort and hard work if one is to become a very good professional tennis player.

That is why there are many tennis academies in the world that are set up to groom those who have a passion for tennis and want to take up a career in tennis. 

Finding a good academy can be daunting and stressful. That is why we had to research thoroughly and bring to you the top 10 tennis academies in the world for you to join or enrol your kid in. 

Top Tennis Academies in the World

10. Anthony Harris Tennis Academy 

Lloyd Harris
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Anthony Harris Tennis Academy is a South African academy located in Cape Town, South Africa.

Established in 2013 by Anthony and Dion Harris, the AHT academy was initially set up for kids from South Africa only but as time went on, kids from different countries were allowed to enrol in the African tennis academy. 

To bring out the champion in students with a very humble background, the academy set up a program called “Match”, to help their students become world-class players. 

The Anthony Harris Tennis Academy has four courts. The cost of joining the academy for one year is $10350, exempting the cost of traveling to other countries for tournaments. 

Anthony Harris Tennis Academy has four courts,  a gym, no on-site pool, and a restaurant. Lloyd Harris (pictured above) is an ATP player from the academy. The total number of coaches in the academy is four. 

9. Alexander Waske Tennis-University (Offenbach am Main, Germany)

The best academy in Germany and one of the best in the world as far as tennis is concerned.

The Alexander Waske Academy has collaborated with a host of renowned tennis professionals, such as Meltzer, Haas and Berankis, in order to groom its students to become professionals in tennis sports. 

At the academy, a system whereby two players are allowed per court and then put under the tutelage of an experienced coach is set up to focus on the individual development of players. 

At Alexander Waske Tennis University, events like an annual soccer game, a Christmas battle, and other leisure activities are usually organized to boost team spirit.

To also give the players opportunities to mingle with the outside world, students are usually taken on traveling tours. The head coach of Waske Academy is Björn Simon.

Alexander Waske Tennis University has thirteen courts in total, twelve coaches, a gym, a pool, and a restaurant within the facility.

The various ATP players from the academy are Gunneswaran, Peya, Tatsuma, etc. The WTA players from the academy are Niemeier, and Petkovic. It is situated close to Frankfurt International Airport. 

 8. Good To Great Tennis Academy 

Established in Sweden, Good To Great Tennis Academy was founded by former pro tennis player Magnus Norman, and his colleagues, Mikael Tillstrom, and Nicklas Kulti. 

Depending on the commitment of the junior, the academy runs a total of six various programs. In the full-time elite program, players are put through a series of intensive training sessions, about 9 to 16 times a week within 6 days. 

Good To Great Tennis Academy provides customized individual fitness training according to a student’s ability.

To encourage the players as well as boost their confidence in the sport, coaches are charged with the responsibility of accompanying their students to tournaments. 

The Swedish Tennis Academy has an international school that helps to prepare its students for life at college and also helps to find a college in the US for its students. 

Good To Great Tennis Academy has 12 courts. It has a total of eleven professional coaches, one gym facility, no pool in the facility, a restaurant, and accommodation within the academy facility.

The famous academy has produced pro players like Rebecca Peterson who is a WTA player. Otto Virtanen and, Stan Wawrinka, are the two ATP players from Good To Great Tennis Academy. 

7. Barcelona Tennis Academy (Barcelona, Spain)

One of the best academies in the world, the Barcelona Tennis Academy is located in Castelldefels, close to Spain International Airport and the beach.

The academy is small in size, which allows coaches to have a close relationship with the players. 

The players at the BTA (Barcelona Tennis Academy) are individually catered for, as the aim is to help the players attain their ultimate potential.

The head coach of the BTA is Jordan Doble, an indigene of France, with the Director being Raphael Maurer. 

The facilities at BTA are top-notch. Jordane Doble has a good reputation; he was one of the best junior players in France.

He won seven future tournaments, in which he also played against legendary Raphael Nadal, where he attained the peak ATP ranking of 385 in singles and 302 in doubles.

To enrol in the academy, you must pay €25,000, which covers tennis and accommodation, excluding school, but with the school, it amounts to €35,000.

The academy has a total of 22 courts (one hard court and 21 courts). It has five coaches, a gym at the academy, a pool, an on-site restaurant, and world-class accommodations on site.

ITF Under-18 players were Paige Wise, Saara Kunakunova, and Amina Suleimanova. It has no player from the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals for Men) but has Liu Min from the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association). 

If you are looking for one of the best tennis academies to join, surely the Barcelona Tennis Academy is one you should consider. 

6. BTT Tennis Academy 

BTT Tennis Academy is a top tennis academy with standard training facilities, set up close to Barcelona.

It was established by Alvaro Margets, Francis Roig, and Jordi Vilaro in 2004.

The academy has produced top players like Tommy Robredo, Marcel Granollers, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, and Alberto Costa.

BTT training programs are divided into three: half-year, full-year, and shorter programs.  The academy also provides international schooling for students.

It has a total of 18 courts, 25 coaches, restaurants, a pool, and a gym.

Accommodation is not available in the academy, but there is an external accommodation facility close to the academy. As such, the academy makes available buses to convey people to and from the academy. 

5. Saviano Tennis Academy

Owned by Nick Savino, Savino Tennis Academy is a world-class academy that has produced many top-class players who have become full-time ATP and WTA players.

It has also produced Grand Slam winners, Italian Open Champions, World No. 1 US Open champions, Junior Wimbledon champions, etc.

Saviano Academy has 28 courts with a gym and restaurant. 

4. Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy 

Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy is a Belgian academy. It is owned and managed by legendary Kim Clijsters. Clijsters is a former multiple Grand Slam winner.

The academy has Carl Meas, a world-class fitness coach, as one of its coaches. The atmosphere here at this academy is friendly and serene. 

Kim Clijsters Academy has 15 coaches and 18 courts, a gym, and a restaurant with an indoor gravel court. 

3. Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy 

Rafael Nadal Academy
Source: Rafael Nadal Academy

Founded by tennis legend and grand slam winner Rafa Nadal, Rada Nadal Tennis Academy is situated in Manacor, Spain.

To join the academy, you need to have €56,000 annually, with accommodation, school, and tennis included. It has a program for students of all ages. 

The Rafa Nadal Academy, which is situated in Nadal’s home town, Manacor, has 26 tennis courts that include both hardcourt and clay. Following that, it also has a squash court, football field, player gym, and lodging, along with a host of other facilities that are built to create an atmosphere for relaxation. 1

It has Joel Figuera as the head coach. 

2. IMG Tennis Academy (Florida, USA)

IMG Academy
Source: IMG Academy

IMG Tennis Academy is situated in Florida, USA. IMG Tennis Academy is a famous tennis academy that has built a good reputation for itself for more than four decades now.

IMG Tennis Academy has produced many world-class tennis players with its seasonal tournaments and customized training programs to help develop students personally. 

To be enrolled in this famous academy with standard training facilities, you will need to pay a tuition fee of $55,000–$79,000, which is paid annually.

IMG boasts more than 55 courts, with a pool, gym, restaurant, etc. included in the academy facility. The head coach of the academy is ROHAN GOETZKE. 

1. Mouratoglou Tennis Academy 

Mouratoglu Academy
Source: Mouratoglu Academy

Widely considered the best academy in the world, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy has a sophisticated training facility with a total of 35 coaches who are diligent and interested in the personal development of students.

You will be thrilled to know that famous female tennis player Serena Williams is a product of this state-of-the-art academy. 

The state-of-the-art academy has 200 full-time students between the ages of 11 and 18, and a total of 34 courts, which are regularly used by tennis legends Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Williams. 2 

Final Thought

If you are having a tough time trying to find the top tennis academies in the world, I am sure that this article has solved that problem, as we have been able to give you a well-researched list of the top ten tennis academies in the world. 

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