Top 10 Richest NFL Team Owners

Top 10 Richest NFL Team Owners

The National Football League(NFL) is one of America’s top sports and ownership of an NFL team indicates a certain amount of wealth, especially when coupled with the team’s success.

Unlike its MLS counterpart which is currently garnering attention, the NFL has established itself in the hearts of Americans.

Notable wealthy NFL team owners include : Stephen Bisciotti (Ravens), Jerry Jones (Cowboys), Arthur Blank (Falcons), Stan Kroenke (Rams).

While some acquire teams as investments and build them from scratch, others amass their wealth before adding an NFL team as a prestigious feather in their cap.

To learn more about the richest NFL team owners and gain insights into their overall net worth, read the article below.

Richest NFL Team Owners

10. Terrence and Kim Pegula- $7 billion USD

Terrence and Kim Pegula
Source: Wikimedia
  • Team: Buffalo Bills
  • Team Value: $3.4 billion USD
  • Year of Purchase: 2014
  • Purchase Price:  $1.4 billion USD

Terrence and Kim Pegula have an estimated combined net worth of $7 billion USD which was built through hard work.

He founded his oil and gas outfit, East Resources in 1983 with just a $7500 loan.

In 2010, he sold the bulk of its assets to Royal Dutch Shell for $4.7 billion USD. 

In 2014, the Pegulas won the bid for the Buffalo Bills at $1.4 billion over Donald Trump and Ben Jovi solidifying their status as NFL team owners, following their acquisition of the Buffalo Sabres at $189 million USD three years prior.1

9. Arthur Blank- $7.6 billion USD

Arthur Blank
Source: Wikimedia
  • Team: Atlanta Falcons
  • Team Value: $4 billion
  • Year of Purchase: 2002
  • Purchase Price: $545 million

Every American Citizen has heard of Home Depot and most likely shopped there once.

What is uncommon knowledge is that it was founded by Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus after they got fired from their jobs at a regional hardware store in 1978.

He retired as co-chairman in 2001 and bought the Falcons in 2002.2

Blank also owns the Atlanta United FC.

In 2012, he signed the Giving Pledge and committed to giving most of his wealth away.3

8. Stephen Ross- $10.1 billion USD

  • Team: Miami Dolphins 
  • Team Value: $4.6 billion
  • Year of Purchase: 2018
  • Purchase Price: $1.1 billion

Stephen Ross is a tax lawyer turned real estate developer.

His company, Related Companies was founded in 1972 and is known for providing affordable housing options.

It became quite successful and through it, Ross was able to build his wealth.

They’re currently responsible for $60 billion in property including Manhattan’s Hudson Yards open to the public since 2019.

He joined the league of NFL team owners in 2008, when he purchased a 50% stake in the Dolphins for $550 million, and added a 45% stake worth in January 2009, thus completing his majority ownership in the Dolphins with $1.1 billion purchase. 4

Ross’s ownership of the Miami Dolphins is supplemented by his stakes in Soul Cycle, Equinox Fitness and multiple fast food chains. 

7. Robert Kraft- $11.1 billion USD

  • Team: New England Patriots
  • Team Value: $6.4 billion
  • Year of Purchase: 1994
  • Purchase Price: $172 million

Robert Kraft hailing from humble beginnings began amassing his wealth by successfully running paper and packaging businesses.

As a child, he sold newspapers outside the old Braves Stadium in Boston.

Kraft took a risk and then invested in sports.

It was certainly worth it because he currently owns the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution and the Boston Uprising.

These teams are quite successful and their combined net worth total almost $7 billion USD. 

6. Shahid Khan- $12.1 billion USD

Shahid Khan-
Source: Wikimedia
  • Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Team Value: $3.48 billion 
  • Year of Purchase: 2011
  • Purchase Price: $770 million

Shahid Khan, world’s wealthiest auto parts magnate, transitioned from engineering to entrepreneurship.

In 1978, he started Bumper Works while working at Flex-N-Gate.

This company manufactured customized car bumpers. In 1980, he bought Flex-N-Gate from his former employer, brought Bumper Works into the fold and turned it into a thriving business including 69 plants and over 25000 employees.

In 2011, Khan bought the Jacksonville Jaguars and is the first member of an ethnic minority to own an NFL team.5

5. Jerry Jones- $14.1 billion USD

Jerry Jones
Source: Wikimedia
  • Team: Dallas Cowboys
  • Team Value: $8 billion
  • Year of Purchase: 1988
  • Purchase Price: $150 million

Jerry Jones is a successful businessman who experienced failures when he started out initially.and a big fan of football.

After a while, he began an oil and gas exploration business; going into unexpected places in the search of oil. He instantly hit success and has been thriving since then.

Jones formerly played for the University of Arkansas 1964 national championship football team and also served as a co-captain.

Although his team hasn’t played in the Super Bowl since 1995, the Cowboys remain the most valuable NFL team.6

A big part of this is due to the innovative strategies introduced by Jones.

4. Stanley Kroenke – $14.6 billion USD

Stanley Kroenke
  • Team: Los Angeles Rams
  • Team Value: $6.2 billion USD
  • Year of Purchase: 2010
  • Purchase Price: $750 Million dollars

Stanley Kroenke is a real estate mogul with a fortune exceeding $14 billion USD.

He founded the Kroenke Group in 1983, a real estate company that builds apartment buildings and shopping centers.

He married Walmart heiress Ann Walton in 1974 and has used this alliance to boost his businesses as much as possible.

Kroenke is classified amongst the top 15 largest landowners in America.

Being a smart businessman, his entire wealth is not tied to properties; even though it is a very sturdy investment.

He invested part of his money in sports. He owns Kroenke Sports & Entertainment which is the holding company of:

  • Arsenal F.C of the Premier league and Arsenal W.F.C of the WSL
  • The Los Angeles Rams of the NFL
  • The Denver Nuggets of the NBA
  • The Colorado Avalanche of the NHL
  • The Colorado Rapids of the MLS(Major League Soccer) 
  • The Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League
  • The Los Angeles Gladiator of the Overwatch League
  • The Los Angeles Guerillas of the Call of Duty League

3. The Hunt Family- $15.5 billion USD

  • Team: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Team Value: $4.3 billion USD
  • Year of Purchase: 1959 
  • Purchase Price: $25000

Created as the Dallas Texans, they changed their name to the Chiefs when they moved to Kansas City.

Lamar Hunt is the founder of this Team and paid a mere $25,000 for its creation back in 1959.

Ever since then, the Chiefs have belonged to the Hunt Family.

It is quite safe to say that Lamar Hunt was an excellent businessman and made a great decision in founding the Kansas City Chiefs. Their value has increased astronomically.

However, the Hunt Family net worth is not only tied down to the Chiefs.

Most of their wealth is linked to Lamar’s astute investments in American oil.

2. David Tepper- $20.6 billion

  • Team: Carolina Panthers
  • Team Value: $3.6 billion USD
  • Year of Purchase: 2018
  • Purchase Price: $2.3 billion USD

David Tepper is one of the greatest and richest hedge fund managers of all time.7

He does his job so well that he earns huge amounts of money for his clients and himself.

His net worth slightly exceeds $20 billion USD and was once enough to make him the richest NFL team owner.

He worked at Goldman Sachs for over eight years as a junk bond manager but left after being passed over twice for the position of partner.

He worked hard and in 1993, created Appaloosa Management which has been a success, a demonstration of his remarkable financial acumen.

1. Rob Walton- $67.5 billion USD

Rob Walton
Source: Wikimedia
  • Team: Denver Broncos
  • Team Value: $4.65 billion USD
  • Year of Purchase: 2022
  • Price paid for team: $4.65 billion USD

Rob Walton is currently sits atop the richest NFL team owners list in 2023.

In 2022, the Walmart heir, alongside his daughter, his son in-law and Starbucks chairwoman Mellody Hobson purchased the Denver Broncos for the staggering sum of $4.65 billion USD.8

It is the highest sum to ever have been spent on an American sports franchise.

The Denver Broncos are one of the top NFL teams; investing in them will definitely yield handsome returns.

Notable Mentions

Jody Allen- $20.3 billion USD

  • Team: Seattle Seahawks
  • Team Value: $4.5 billion USD
  • Year of Purchase: 1997
  • Purchase Price: $194 million USD

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, was the owner of the Seattle Seahawks until his demise in 2018.

Since then, his sister, Jody Allen assumed his place as Chair of the Seahawks.

This is a temporary situation because Paul Allen’s trust requires that all of his assets be sold and  the money donated towards philanthropic causes he cared about.


An NFL team is an exceptional investment for a business oriented person.

While it demands considerable resources, precisely time and money, the potential rewards are astronomical.

This is evidenced by the fact that out of the 32 NFL team owners, 30 are billionaires underlining the allure and profitability of NFL Ownership.

The two exceptions are: Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals and the publicly-owned Green Bay Packers.

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