20 Richest MMA Fighters In The World 2023

Top 20 Richest MMA Fighters In The World 2023

Many aspire to break into the sports world and make a living doing what they love. This desire is not a simple task.

Mixed martial arts is growing in popularity thanks to how well its promotions pay their fighters to compete.

Still, many believe this is just the start of MMA’s lucrative future due to the sport’s rising popularity and the emergence of top talent.

Athletes like Conor McGregor, Frank Mir, and Fedor Emelianenko make over six figures yearly as some of MMA’s best competitors.

We will now consider the wealthiest MMA competitors in the world as of 2023.

Richest MMA Fighters In The World

20. Stipe Miocic Net worth: $4 million

Stipe Miocic
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: American

Former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic earns widespread acclaim from critics, commentators, and the media as an all-time great in the UFC heavyweight division.

His resume has helped the UFC to over 2.6 million pay-per-view sales from headlining seven main UFC events.

Miocic joined the promotion in 2011 but won his first heavyweight Championship and a Performance of the Night honor to earn $210,000 against  Fabricio Werdum in UFC 198.

His fight purse would soar incredibly in his next fight, pocketing $690,000 in his win against Alistair Overeem in UFC 203.

His appearance alone is now worth more than the UFC 198 victory; his last fight in UFC 260 against Francis Ngannou proves our claim, with the American earning $750,000 for showing at the event plus a $40,000 sponsorship bonus compared to Ngannou’s $730,000 total price money despite his triumph.1

19. Joanna Jędrzejczyk Net worth: $4 million

Joanna Jędrzejczyk
Joanna Jędrzejczyk / Instagram

Nationality: Polish

Wealth is not limited to men, as many women in various works of life have struggled through gender biases to break the bank.

Joanna Jędrzejczyk is one of them, ranking amongst the world’s top twenty richest MMA fighters.

The Polish fighter had a flying start to her career in the sport’s biggest promotion, winning her first nine UFC contests.

Her 16-5 record contributes to her stardom, helping her headline five main UFC events with over 2.3 million pay-per-view sales.

Jędrzejczyk has earned over $2,292,000 in her UFC career, her biggest from the fight against $270,000, including $115,000 guaranteed earning, $115,000 win bonus, and $40,000 from her Reebok sponsorship.

18. Valentina Shevchenko Net worth: $5 million

Valentina Shevchenko
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: Kyrgyz

Valentina Shevchenko is another female mixed martial artist with tremendous wealth.

She earned fame for winning UFC Women’s Flyweight Championship, defending it seven times (the most in UFC Flyweight history) to become the first woman to defend the title while she remains the current champion.

She has three Performance of the Night honors to her name and holds several UFC records.

Her profile clears doubts about her wealth, earning thousands of dollars per fight.

The Kyrgyz star earned $130,000 after defeating Jędrzejczyk for the vacant UFC Women’s flyweight championship in UFC 231.

However, she would wait until she knocked out Lauren Murphy at UFC 266 before claiming her biggest fight purse, $392,000.

Shevchenko has amassed over $2,703,000 throughout her MMA career.

17. Demetrious Johnson Net worth: $6 million

Demetrious Johnson
Demetrious Johnson / Instagram

Nationality: American

Demetrious Johnson is undoubtedly a respected fighter in the UFC, having won the most takedowns in UFC flyweight history and being the only fighter in the promotion to tally more than ten takedowns in three fights.

You can guess he is among the wealthiest, too, thanks to his big-money spell at One Championship, where he received $790,000 in his last three fights after a lucrative eight-digit contract.

The UFC has shown him no worse fate, posting a $470,000 paycheck despite losing the bout and championship in UFC 227 against Henry Cejudo.

Johnson’s base salary is about $750,000 per fight, with a sponsorship bonus of $40,000 per event to tally over $6 million in total career earnings.

He still finds a way to keep earning while away from the octagon, battling online as a gamer on the Twitch streaming platform and serving on an advisory board for Zeacon, a software company in Bellevue, Washington.2

16. Daniel Cormier Net worth: $6 million

Daniel Cormier
Souce: Wikimedia

Nationality: American

Many regard Cormier as one of the best fighters to grace the octagon, with a 22-3-0-(1) record and accomplishments in each promotion he competed.

However, the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion secured the bag and is still doing so, thanks to a successful career across wrestling and mixed martial arts.

Cormier headlined nine main events, helping the UFC to over 4.5 million pay-per-view sales.

Therefore, he fought enough to earn over $6,586,500 throughout his career; he garnered $180,000 for his light heavyweight title victory in UFC 187 but pocketed larger amounts in his UFC 226 triumph and UFC 241 loss to Stipe Miocic, earning $500,000 and $750,000.3

15. Nate Diaz Net worth: $8 million

Nate Diaz
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: American

Nate Diaz is a free agent but has little to worry about financially. His UFC contract only expired in September 2022, and he has a cannabis and winery business to fall on.

Diaz first rose to fame after winning The Ultimate Fighter 5 but inscribed his name in the promotion’s record as the fighter with the third most UFC bonus awards, amassing sixteen throughout his stint.

His bonus awards and two main-event headliners, garnering over 2.9 million pay-per-view sales, saw him pocket $5,170,000 for his second headliner against Conor McGregor.4

Diaz earned $971,000 in his last fight against Tony Ferguson in UFC 279 and $1,120,000 despite losing to Jorge Masvidal via TKO in UFC 244.

Diaz undoubtedly had a fruitful MMA career, but he has spread his tentacles beyond the sport; he is the official spokesperson for Lodi Vintners, a winery based in California.5

He co-owns GAME UP™, a top-shelf cannabidiol company, alongside his brother Nick Diaz.6

The American MMA star also announced his intention to form Real Fight, Inc., a new promotion focusing on promoting MMA, boxing, and BJJ shows.7

14. Anderson Silva Net worth: $8 million

Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva / Instagram

Nationality: Brazilian

Silva debuted in the UFC in 2006, a roller coaster of accomplishments for him.

He has a six-year UFC unbeaten streak and holds the record for the most championship defenses and the longest winning run in UFC history, defending his title ten times.

Therefore, it is no surprise he headlined nineteen pay-per-view UFC events, amassing 9,635,000 in total PPV sales.

Silva’s performances did not go unnoticed by 9INE, a sports marketing company that signed him to become the first client they would market.

Corinthians and fast food chain Burger King are his sponsors, while Nike had sponsorship deals with him in the past.

Anderson Silva helped the UFC to over nine million PPV sales, earning significant amounts in many of the bouts he headlined to amass $8,732,000 in total UFC career earnings.

While the Brazilian earned $66,000 in his maiden UFC year, he grew through the ranks to pocket $820,000 in his unanimous decision victory over Derek Brunson in 2017, while his last UFC contest against Uriah Hall in UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva saw Silva go home with $620,000.8

Silva has starred in nine films and television series, appearing as an Assassin in “The Invincible Dragon” in 2019 and hosting the sports reality show “Ultimate Beastmaster” in 2017.

13. Eddie Alvarez Net worth: $8 million

Eddie Alvarez
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: American

Alvarez was the reigning champion of the Bellator promotion until Michael Chandler dethroned him.

Then in Bellator 66, Alvarez defeated Aoki in revenge for a previous loss to pocket $100,000. November 2013 signified a thrilling rematch between Alvarez and Michael Chandler, with Alvarez profiting $160,000 from his win.

In 2012, Alvarez was offered a contract by the UFC, but it did not go through; the agreement, according to ESPN, included a base salary of $70,000 initially, a $70,000 win bonus, and $5,000 payments for each victory for Alvarez.9

The agreement also guaranteed Alvarez pay-per-view earnings for his first fight and subsequent contests in which he successfully defended a UFC title.

However, 2014 came with a new UFC contract for Alvarez, suggesting that the new deal was preferable to the former.

His UFC debut brought in $100,000. His biggest payout game against McGregor raked in $540,000: $500,000 for the performance and $40,000 in Reebok sponsorship.

12. Donald Cerrone Net worth: $9 million

Donald Cerrone
Donald Cerrone / Instagram

Nationality: American

Cerrone began his professional MMA career in 2005; even though he hasn’t won any UFC titles, he has had some pretty lucrative fights, among which is against Melvin Guillard in UFC 150, where he raked in $190,200, according to The Sports Daily ($33,000 for the show, $33,000 in win bonuses, $4,200 from Guillard for being underweight, $60,000 for the fight of the night and $60,000 for the knockout of the night).10

The most well-known match in Cerrone’s professional career has to be the face-off against Conor McGregor at UFC 246; despite his early loss to McGregor, he still received $220,000 to show and $20,000 in fight week incentive pay.

His career fight earnings are estimated to be $7,025,800.

11. Jose Aldo Net worth: $9 million

Jose Aldo
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: Brazilian

Jose Aldo began his professional career in the WEC(World Extreme Cagefighting), known for his Muay Thai technique, where his first fight brought in only $6000.

His biggest cash out came from the Conor McGregor match at UFC 194, where he earned a remarkable $2,540,000 for this fight, which included his $400,000 salary and a $2,000,000 PPV sales bonus even though he was knocked out within 13 seconds.

He went on to rake $515,000 for beating Frankie Edgar and $490,000 for losing to Max Holloway after the McGregor loss. In a rematch against Holloway at UFC 218, despite losing again, Jose Aldo made $230,000.

Jose Aldo also lost to Marlon Moras at UFC 45, earning $420,000 with his $400,000 base salary.

He also earned another $430,000 despite falling short of Petr Yan, $40,000 in sponsorship funds, plus a $400,000 annual salary.

10. Junior Dos Santos Net worth: $10 million

Junior Dos Santos
Source: Wikimerdia

Nationality: Brazilian

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos debuted in the UFC against Fabricio Werdum, winning to pocket $71,000 in total earnings, including the knockout of the night prize.

His earnings later went on to increase to $200,000 per fight after his bout with Frank Mir. In 2014, he fought against Stipe Miocic at UFC on Fox, defeating Stipe Miocic to get a total payment of $310,000.

His record-breaking fee came against Stipe Miocic again in UFC 211, as he earned a whopping $830,000 total despite losing the match.

9. Yoel Romero Net worth: $10 million

Yoel Romero
Yoel Romero / Instagram

Nationality: Cuba

His debut in Bellator saw him pocket $150,000. On UFC on Fox 7 in 2013, Yoel Romero faced Clifford Starks in his promotional debut earning a bout purse of $70,000, including a $50,000 knockout of the night bonus, for a spectacular knockout debut victory.

He attempted to repeat that performance in UFC 213, facing Robert Whittaker for the championship.

Despite losing the contest, Romero was awarded a massive $430,000 fight purse, including $50,000 for the fight of the night bonus.

A rematch at UFC 225 ended with him earning $290,000 for his battle against Whittaker.

Romero lost to Israel Adesanya for the middleweight title in his final UFC bout but managed to garner an estimated $380,000.

Romero made another $150,000 in the UFC in his final non-title contest.

8. Alistair Overeem Net Worth:$10 million

Alistair Overeem
Alistair Overeem / Instagram

Nationality: Dutch

Overeem spots a $10 million net worth, earning $500,000 in the 2015-16 UFC season for each bout.

His enormous success in mixed martial arts increased his earnings per fight to $850k. Alistair Overeem won his fight against Aleksei Oleinik on Fight Night 149, earning him a guaranteed $850,000. His fight in the Championship in UFC 203 saw him get $860,000.

Overeem has made approximately $9,789,500 during his UFC career.11

7. Frank Mir Net worth: $11 million

Frank Mir
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: American

Frank Mir’s time in the UFC saw him make a huge profit as his fight in UFC 46 brought him $90,000 after his win against Wes Sims. he later earned another $90,000, this time facing off against Tim Sylvia.

However, his payload almost doubled when he fought against Brock Lesnar in UFC 81 to earn $140,000. Mir’s biggest paycheck came against Antonio Nogueira as he earned an astounding $395k in total for his victory; this included a $160,000 win bonus and a 75,000 submission of the night bonus.

His time in Bellator gave him $300,000 in profits against Emelianenko.

6. Wanderlei Silva Net worth: $18 million

Wanderlei Silva
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: Brazilian

Wanderlei Silva is a Pride Championship and Grand Prix winner with other accolades to his name, including five Fight of the Night and two Knockout of the Night honors in the UFC.

The Brazilian star with the most knockouts, victories, longest winning streak and title defenses in PRIDE history has spent twenty-six years in MMA to rank amongst the sport’s wealthiest representatives.

While he last fought in Bellator 206 in 2018, Silva has accumulated a net worth of $18 million after earning roughly $2,520,000 throughout his career12.

He pocketed about $200,000 despite losing to Quinton Jackson in his last fight.

Silva has also ventured out of mixed martial arts, playing the role of Morte in the 2005 film Nagurimono and of Chud in the 2018 American martial arts film “Kickboxer: Retaliation,” while he appeared as himself in the American sports comedy film “Here Comes the Boom” in 2012.

5. Fedor Emelianenko Net worth: $18 million

Fedor Emelianenko
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: Russian

Emelianenko received a Master of Sports certification in Judo and Sambo and became part of the Russian national team in 1997.

However, straitened circumstances forced him to leave the Russian national team for mixed martial arts in 2000.

How have things turned out for him?

Notable publications, including Sports Illustrated, revere Emelianenko as the top MMA fighter of the 2000s, while ex-combat sports fighters like Mike Tyson and MMA fighters, including Junior dos Santos and Jose Aldo, believe Emelianenko is the greatest-ever mixed martial artist.

Such recognition has helped the Russian worth a bundle, earning an alleged $2 million per fight with an additional $1.5 million signing bonus during this time with M-1 Globa.l13

He earned $300,000 with no win bonus when he faced light heavyweight champion, Ryan Bader in Bellator 214, who earned $150,000.14

4. BJ Penn Net worth: $22 million

BJ Penn
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: American

BJ Penn’s MMA record is 16-14-2; while a 50% win rate might seem average, Penn is more than an average fighter; hence, the criticism for fighting past his prime to record an eight-bout winless streak between 2011 to 2019.

Nevertheless, BJ Penn’s glory days were enough to see him through the storm as he remains one of the biggest stars in MMA history, headlining eleven main events (nine pay-per-view) for the UFC and five for K-1.

The American inspired the UFC to 5.6 million PPV sales, earning about $3,345,000 from mixed martial arts to date.15

He also led the payroll for some UFC fights.

UFC 103 readily comes to mind, where Penn earned $150,000 in defeat while his opponent Yair Rodriguez earned $100,000, and no other fighter matched Penn’s earnings.16

Penn UFC glory did little to deter him from pursuing other dreams, especially his love for poi, the primary staple food for Polynesians. He registered a new business called Ono Poi Co. LLC in 2016. These travails account for Penn’s $22 million net worth in 2023.17

3. Cris Cyborg Net worth: $28 million

Cris Cyborg
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: Brazilian

Cris Cyborg ranks above other women in MMA concerning the sport’s financial aspect.

She has an impressive 89.7% career win record, winning twenty-six contests from twenty-nine; therefore, we expect her career earnings to reflect her excellence.

The Brazilian earned $500,000 per fight during her stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

While initially reduced during her early days with Bellator, it leveled back to the UFC’s offer after winning the Bellator Women’s featherweight world championship.

Her sponsorship deals extend to Reebok, Fusion Labs, Air Asia, and Dunkin’ Orange County.

2. Khabib Nurmagomedov Net worth: $40 million

Khabib Nurmagomedov
Khabib Nurmagomedov / Instagram

Nationality: Russian

Nurmagomedov’s fighting style is impressive and effective, helping him to an unbeaten UFC career, one UFC lightweight championship, three successful title defenses and Performance of the Night honors, and a record for the longest Lightweight champion reign in UFC history.

However, his fat purse is of utmost interest; Khabib Nurmagomedov was UFC’s highest-paid star in 2020, earning $6,090,000, $3m more than the renowned Irish star, Conor McGregor.18

Khabib’s last fight in UFC 254 against Justin Gaethje saw him pocket $675,000, ranking fifth on UFC’s yearly list of highest-paid contests.

The star who ranks as the foremost Russian in the MMA sphere, launched a cell phone network named “Eagle Mobile by Khabib;” he allegedly owns his combat organization, Eagle FC, and a fast-food brand, among other business ventures.19.20

1. Conor McGregor Net worth: $200 million

Conor McGregor
Source: Wikimedia

Nationality: Irish

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the most prominent UFC stars and one of the world’s best mixed martial artists. Still, according to Forbes, he ranks atop the list of the wealthiest MMA stars and is the highest-paid in 2021.

The Irish’s defeat to Dustin Poirier in UFC 257 is one he would love to forget so soon, yet he took home an estimated $22 million for his appearance in the octagon.

He earned $180 million in 2021 but ate from the UFC’s choicest dish before that year; McGregor earned $32 million in salary/winnings in 2020 and $16 million in endorsements.

The Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey is McGregor’s; the brand generated about $1 billion in revenue in its first year of the sale, shooting MacGregor to a $200 million net worth despite being his first business outside combat sports.21

Wrap Up

We have reviewed the richest MMA fighters and hope you enjoyed our list. Mixed martial artists are swimming in a cash pool, a reward for their cuts, bruises, and dedication to training.

They live above average, living in luxurious houses and riding assorted cars

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