Who Has The Most Knockouts In Boxing History

Who Has The Most Knockouts In Boxing History

The force behind a boxer’s punch should never be underestimated.

This evidenced by the devastating knockouts of professional boxers.

But among the lots who have dominated boxing, who has the most knockouts in boxing history?

The importance of knockouts in the sport can not be over-emphasized

It will be highly suicidal for any boxer not to perfect their guarding and defense skill before going into the ring.

Records have it that many boxers have died in the boxing ring, others survived with lopsided faces, and some were rendered unconscious by a knockout.

The act of knocking out an opponent is a craft every boxer loves to master.

This is because it puts an opponent in an instant sleep mode.

This makes boxers feel like a badass who earns their own respect and doesn’t wait until it’s given to them.

The act of knocking out an opponent with just a punch makes boxers feel at the top of their game and they become a force to be reckoned with, one of the significant pros of the act of boxing.

Whenever this act is quickly carried out, it saves boxers the energy of exchanging punches and giving them a quick win in a grand style.

The first range of 1-5 focuses on the most knockouts in boxing history, and the second range 1-5 are boxers with the current highest percentage of knockout:

Boxers With The Most Knockouts In Boxing History

1. Billy Bird [138]

Billy was a British professional boxer who is known as the most active boxer in history.

His boxing career lasted for 28 years.

During this time, he participated in a total fight of 356. Although, rumor has it that some of his fights were not captured on record because they were considered not to be professional matches.

Billy comes victorious in 260 with a total knockout of 136.

With such outstanding KO records—that makes him the only boxer with the highest number of knockouts in history.

Sticking to facts, I don’t see anyone breaking that record anytime soon. He already sets the bar too high.

2. Archie Moore [132]

Archie Moore
Source: Wikimedia

Achie Moore a.k.a The Old Mongoose was an American professional boxer.

He is known for his strategic and defensive style.

Just like Billy, Moore had a long professional boxing career from 1936-1963.

At the end of his career, he has participated in 220 fights, winning 180, and 132 was on KO.

This places him directly below Billy Bird.

He becomes the second boxer with the highest number of knock out.

After his retirement, Archie went ahead to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry where he featured in some notable movies.

3. Young Stribling [129]

Young Stribling
Source: Wikimedia

Young was an American professional boxer with a total fight of 253 and winning 224.

He was able to knock out different opponents 129 times which is quite a number.

This makes him the third boxer in history with the highest K.O.

In 1928, Young went on a fighting tour where he engages in 38 bouts winning 28 with a knockout and no opponent lasted more than 2rounds.

He went further flying an airplane to fight different boxers all over the country.

All these winning series made him more popular during his era.

4. Sam Langford [126]

Sam Langford
Source: Wikimedia

Samuel Langard a.k.a Boston Tar baby was a black Canadian boxer of the 20th century and is regarded as the greatest Canadian boxer of all time.1

During his time, he defeated many champions and he was well rated for heavy punches, strength, and agility.

Langford was denied a chance in the world championship as a result of the color bar.

He has a total fight of 131 and enjoying a winning of 211 with 126 being by knockout.

This made him the 4th boxer with the highest number of knockouts.

5. Buck Smith [120]

Buck Smith makes number 5 on the list of boxers with the highest knockout in history.

The knockout king has a total of 120 knockouts in 182 winnings.

Smith is an American boxer who turns professional without any prior boxing experience.

He got his ass handed to him in his first match.

After that, Smith went on a winning spree and gradually climbs the ladder of success.

At the end of it all, Smith has a record of 224 professional bouts. He might have engaged in more fights under a different name which never made it into the record.

Notwithstanding, he already made a name for himself as one of the greatest. 

Below is a List of Boxers with the Current Highest Knockout by Percentages

1. Edwin Valero, Arthur Beterbiev & Ali Raymi [100%]

Valero a.k.a The Dynamite is well known for his hard punches and aggressive fighting style.

He is the only professional boxer that enjoyed 18 victories as a professional all being by knockout.

He has a total of 27 fights which were all won by knockout.

Sadly, he committed suicide in jail after being accused and arrested for killing his wife.2

Arthur also falls into the 100% percentage as he has enjoyed a total victory in all his 16 fights which were all by knockout.

Ali Raymi Ali was a Yemeni colonel as well as a professional boxer.

He becomes popular as a boxer due to his outstanding performance in 25 total fights all won by knockout.

The first 22 was a first-round knockout. He died in an airstrike in Yemen.

2. Deontay Wilder, Gervonta Davis & Angel Acosta [95%]

Wilder is an American professional boxer who has made quite a name for himself in the ring, despite being one of the professional boxers who started late.

His success can be alluded to his powerful punches which usually knockout opponent.

Presently his total fighting record stands at 44 which he won 42 and 41 being by knockout hence, his total KO percentage falls to 95%

Gervonta Davis a.k.a Tank is an American professional boxer with 95.8% KO success.

He was able to achieve this due to an accumulative total fight of 24 which were all won and 23 is by knockout.

Angel Acosta a.k.a Tito is a Puerto Rican professional boxer whose achievement begins as an amateur when he was able to win a gold medal in the Central American competition.

He made the 95% Knockout as a result of his totaled fight which amounts to 24, winning 22 and by knockout 21.

3. Jonathan Guzman [92%]

Jonathan a.k.a Salomon King is a Dominican Featherweight professional boxer who rose into glory with a fourth-round knockout against Alejandro Brito.

Year after, he enjoyed many victories which were either b knockout or stoppage.

He has a totaled fight of 26, winning 24 and 23 was by knockout hence, he made the 92% knockout success.

4. Carlos Serna, Lamar Clerk, Dmitry Kudryashov & Yuniel Dorticus [90%]

Carlos a.k.a Cañas is a retired Bantamweight Mexican boxer who made history as one of these who pulls two streaks of 20 or more knockout all in a row.

His totaled fights are 70, winning 66 with a 63 knockout.

With such an amazing performance, he was awarded the fighter of the year in 1977.

Lamar Clerk a.k.a Rooster was an American heavyweight boxer.

He imprinted his name in the Guinness Book of Record when he knocked out 6 opponents in one night and the first 5 were in the first round.

He also delivered 44 consecutive knockouts which some were from an unsanctioned bout.

With a total knockout of 42 in 43 wins, he made into the 90% KO.

Dmitry Kudryashov a.k.a The Russian Hammer is a Cruiserweight boxer who began his career knocking out Okhrei.

Presently, his total fight stands at 27, winnings 24, and by knockout 23 with just 3 loss.

Yuniel Dorticus is a Cuban Cruiserweight champion that got ranked as the second most active Cruiserweight by The Ring magazine in the year 2020.

His total knockout is 22 in a total fight of 26.

5. Anthony Joshua, Rocky Marciano, Wilfredo Gomez, Aaron Pryor, Laila Ali & Gary Mason [88%]

Starring from Anthony Joshua to Gary Mason, they all have a reasonable amount of knockouts that places them on the number 5 of the current boxers with night percentage of KO.


We considered it to be unfair and disrespectful not to list boxers with the highest knockout percentages as part of the most knockouts in boxing history.

Especially, when some of them win all their bout by a knockout.

Boxers with knockout precision and effective punch to back it up to have made the boxer game more interesting over the years.

They thrill the fans by doing what they know how to do best.

References & Notes

Facts Sources:
  2. Edwin Valero kills himself after arrest for wife’s murder, say police. The Guardian

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