Julian Alvarez: Biography, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Julian Alvarez Biography, Childhood, Career & Personal Life

Julian Alvarez is an Argentine professional footballer who is signed to Manchester City but plays on loan for River Plate as a forward.

The rising star that is Julian Alvarez is fast becoming a sensation in Europe.

Relatively known in Europe, the star who clinched his first-ever international goldware at the 2021 Copa America is one of the new generation stars hoping to add more flair to European football.

But why Julian Alvarez? What talent does he possess, and how much impact does he seem to have made in football?

All this and more on one of football’s most talented rising stars are reviewed in detail in this Julian Alvarez biography facts, childhood, early life, career, and personal life.

Julian Alvarez Biography Facts

Full NameJulián Álvarez
Born31 January 2000
Age23 years
Place of BirthCalchín, Córdoba, Argentina
NicknameThe Spider
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight71 Kg
EducationRivera Indarte Primary School
ParentsGustavo Álvarez (Father); Mariana Alvarez (Mother)
SiblingsRapheal Álvarez (Brother); Agu Álvarez (Brother)
Current ClubRiver Plate (on loan from Manchester City); Argentina National Team

Julian Alvarez Childhood and Early Life

Julian Alvarez Childhood Photo
Photo @juliaanalvarez / Instagram

Julián Álvarez was born on January 31st, 2000 in Calchín, Argentina. He is the second of three children born to his parents Gustavo Alvarez and Mariana Alvare in Calchín, located in central Argentina.

His father worked as a driver while his mother worked as a child care teacher.

Young Alvarez had a lovely time growing up with his two brothers who he enjoyed playing with.

It was while Alvarez was young that his parents noticed his disposition to play football. 

Julian Alvarez Education 

Julián attended Rivera Indarte Primary School, where he established himself as a quiet kid who excelled academically but showed a particular interest in physical education.

His parents observed that the interest in physical education was explicitly rooted in Julian’s love for football.

To help develop their son’s growing interest in football, Álvarez’s parents consulted with Hugo Rafael Varas, an employee of the town municipal and coached young football players.

Hugo Rafael Varas thus enrolled young Julián Álvarez in Futura Estrellita soccer school. Álvarez spent three years honing his football skills at the local academy.  

At the age of 7, scouts from Club Atlético Calchín, a bigger football academic, witnessed the gifts of young Álvarez and made their interest in the football prodigy known to Hugo Rafael Varas.

Varas, in turn, contacted Álvarez’s parents, imploring them to approve their son’s move to Club Atlético Calchín. 

Julian Alvarez Early Football Career 

After three years at Futera Estrellita, Julian Álvarez moved on to Club Atlético Calchín.

Álvarez’s move to Club Atlético Calchín was not without his football guardian Hugo Rafael Varas, who organized extra training sessions for Julian Álvarez. 

Those additional training sessions seemed to bear fruit as Alvarez received an award for being the best football player in his age group.

Real Madrid Youth Stint 

News about the talents of Alvarez soon reached numerous scouts who flocked to see the much-talked-about football player.

Of the countless scouts who showed interest in Julian, Real Madrid was the most prominent. 

The club arranged for Alvarez to participate in a month-long football trial in Madrid.

In the company of his parents, Alvarez made the trip to Madrid, where he participated in a Spanish football kid’s championship. 

He undoubtedly put up his impressive skills, which were entertaining to the spectators. He also took advantage of meeting some of Madrid’s Argentine stars, such as Angel Di Maria and Gonzalo Higuain.

Despite the impressive performance of Alvarez and Madrid’s interest in the budding star, a move to join the Madrid youth side did not materialize.

This was a result of a transfer policy that prohibits the transfer of children under the age of 13. It was a big disappointment to Alvarez and his parents.  

Youth Career at Club Atlético Calchín

Young Julian Alvarez Youth Football Career at Atletico Calchin
Photo via Clarin

On returning to Argentina, Argentine Sports club Boca Juniors showed interest in the star. However, Alvarez’s parents insisted he continues playing for Club Atlético Calchín.

Alvarez subsequently moved to other football academies such as Argentinos Juniors, which raised stars such as Diego Maradona.

While playing at the academy, Alvarez battled homesickness, but despite that, he managed to finish as the top scorer in the Liga Independentiente dé Futbol tournament.

He also played an integral part in leading the academy to finish as champions.

After helping Club Atlético Calchín become champions, Alvarez decided to move to River Plate. He alluded to his choice because he is a fan of the club and the club color, which is similar to that of Club Atlético Calchín.

He thus had the mandatory trials with the club, and eventually, a move to River Plate materialized in 2016.

While at River Plate, Alvarez was aided in dealing with homesickness, which helped him play better.

He went on the play for a couple of years for Inferiores de River in tournaments such as the Generation Adidas Cup.

Julian Alvarez Professional Football Career

Julian Alvarez with River Plate in 2019
Julian Alvarez with River Plate in 2019. Photo: Wikimedia

In 2018 River Plate manager Marcelo Gallardo brought him as a reserve to the senior team. He made his debut in October 2018, coming in as a substitute in a Primera Divisíon match against Aldosivi. 

After completing his professional debut, Alvarez went on to help in River Plate’s victory in the 2018 Copa Libertadores against Boca Juniors.

Months after making his professional debut, Alvarez opened his senior career register with a goal against Independiente in March 2019.

He scored a goal in River Plate’s 3-nil victory over Central Córdoba in the 2019 edition of the Copa Argentina Final.

In his 2020 campaign, Alvarez registered six goals in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

In January 2022, Alvarez made headlines in the football world after signing a five-and-a-half-year deal with English Premier League side Manchester City.

Still, Alvarez had to stay at River Plate on loan till the conclusion of the season.

Julian Alvarez International Football Career

Shortly after making his professional debut, Alvarez was called on to be part of the Argentina U-20 squad, training against the senior side ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

In December 2018, Alvarez represented Argentina at the 2019 South American U-20 Championship and the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup held in May 2019.

After a fine outing at the tournament, Alvarez was called to play in the U-23 squad before going on to the 2020 CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament.

On the 3rd of June 2021, Alvarez earned his international professional debut in a World Cup Qualifier, coming in as a substitute for Angel Di Maria in the 62nd minute.

Julian Alvarez Family Life

Julian Alvarez with his parents - Mariana Alvarez (mother) and Gustavo Alvarez (father)
Julian Alvarez with his parents – Mariana Alvarez (mother) and Gustavo Alvarez (father)

Julian Alvarez Father

Julian Alvarez’s father, Gustavo Alvarez, works as a truck driver and now proudly bears his new status as a father to one of Argentina’s football prodigies.

He is always willing to order his son’s football jersey to any indigene of Calchín who requests it.

Julian Alvarez Mother

Mariana Alvarez works as a kindergarten teacher, as she specializes in child care education.

Julian Alvarez Brothers

Julian Alvarez with his younger brother Agu in the Pool
Julian Alvarez with his younger brother Agu. Photo @@juliaanalvarez / Instagram

His older brother Rafael nicknamed Rafa and Punchi, was the first in the family to embrace football, and later his interest changed.

Rafael graduated from the National University of Córdoba Faculty of Economics, where he studied Accounting.

Rafael Alvarez is in a relationship with Augustine Ulla, who studied pharmacy at the National University of Córdoba.

Julian Alvarez is closer to his younger brother, Agu Alvarez. There is no indication Agu is pursuing a career in football, making Alvarez the only professional sports star in his family. 

Julian Alvarez Personal Life

Despite his growing fame and influence, Julian Alvarez has opted not to embrace the superstar lifestyle. Instead, he spends his free time with his friends along the seaside.

Julian Álvarez Girlfriend & Relationships

Julian Alvarez has been linked to multiple beautiful women ever since he became a spectacle in the public eye.

Among the vast list of women said to be courting the budding star, two are the most prominent; Nati Jota and Luciana Milanesi.

News about Alvarez’s romance with Luciana Mileesi, a famous Argentine TikToker from the Chaco province in Argentina, began swirling.

This was after Alvarez and Luciana Mileesi were seen talking in a manner that showed they might be romantically linked following a tournament win by River Plate.

The rumors about Alvarez’s romance with Mileesi were further fueled by Mileesi, who shared her desire to sleep in the same bed with Alvarez in a social spot.

During the 2020 lockdown, Alvarez was linked romantically with Nati Jota, a journalist, and influencer. In an interview with journalist Rodrigo Lussich, Nati Jota was grilled about her supposed relationship with Alvarez.

Still, Jota indicated that she doesn’t know Alvarez, and the rumors only started after she commented on his photo, which she did because she is a River Plate fan.

Julian Alvarez’s Relation with his Football Mentor

Following his success as a football star, Alvarez did not forget the one man who made his dream a reality.

When he turned 20 years old, Alvarez got Hugo Rafael Veras, his first football coach, a truck.

The white Renault Kangoo van was presented to Hugo Rafael Varas by Gustavo Alvarez who drove the truck to Vara’s home and began honking.

This led Varas to rush out of his house and was left dumbfounded when he was told the truck was a car gift from Alvarez.

While Varas expressed gratitude over the gift he was surprised as he never requested a truck from Alvarez. He revealed that he was satisfied with the signed River Plate jersey Alvarez sent to him.

Varas still distributes food products in Calchín but with things much better thanks to his truck.

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