How Much Money Does Stephen Curry Make a Year?

How much money does Stephen Curry make a year? Find out in this article.

The name Stephen Curry is usually greeted with awe and excitement in the basketball world. 

But that’s hardly surprising, seeing as this Golden State Warriors point guard has not only established his name as one of the most successful basketball stars not just of his time; he has also etched his name in the annals of basketball history. 

Widely considered the top contender for the basketball Greatest of All Time title, Curry’s success extends far beyond the court. 

His exceptional skills and track record have translated into huge paychecks from the Golden State Warriors and endorsements with top brands seeking to leverage his influence. 

So, how much money does Stephen Curry make a year? 

Find out in this article as we delve into the financial earnings of this incredible basketball player. 

How Much Money Does Stephen Curry Make a Year as Salary?

Stephen Curry holding a basketball.

If the Golden State Warriors were worried about Curry’s age affecting his performance, we wouldn’t have heard about his four-year contract extension in 2021.1 

The extension was an obvious show of support and a renewal of confidence and trust in the abilities of the point guard, who is currently in his thirties. 

By extending his contract with the Golden State Warriors, Curry’s fans can rest assured that he will remain the franchise’s highest-paid basketball player for a long time. 

The contract is valued at $215 million, marking Curry’s second $200-million-plus contract in his basketball career. 

If you are wondering why this is impressive, keep in mind that Curry will be three years shy of 40 when the contract ends. 

According to the contract, Curry is set to earn $48,070,014 in the 2022-23 season and $51,915,615 in the 2023-24 season. 

In the 2024-25 season, Curry will earn $55,761,217, and, in the final season of the contract, he will earn $59,606,818.

For a star contemplating retirement in the near future, such earnings are very unusual. 

But when you consider Stephen Curry’s achievements and recent form, which saw him lead the Warriors to their fourth Championship title in eight years and seventh overall title while clinching his first NBA Finals MVP, the Warriors’ decision to offer Curry this amazing contract was a smart one. 

How Much Does Stephen Curry Earn from Endorsements?

Stephen Curry and Ja Morant in a basketball game.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

While salaries make up most of the paychecks of athletes, several top stars, like LeBron James and Joel Embiid, have added more financial gains by signing lucrative endorsement deals with top brands. 

For a top star like Stephen Curry, it is almost inevitable for him not to sign such a deal.

Since Curry began dominating the NBA, he has signed lucrative endorsement deals, but none compares to his recent deal with the American sports equipment manufacturing brand, Under Armour. 

Though the exact contract details aren’t public yet, when you consider the yearly salary, stock equity, product royalties, and on-court bonuses, this deal could rank among the most lucrative endorsements in sports history.

This will shoot up the star’s earnings, potentially making him the second basketball star to join the billionaire club. 

While Curry’s deal with Under Armour may overshadow his other lucrative endorsement ventures, the athlete still pulls so much money from these deals. 

According to Forbes, Curry earns $52 million from endorsement deals with sponsors Google, Callaway Golf, Under Armour, Car Max, 2K Sports, Panini, and Rakuten.2 

How amazing is that?! 

How Much Does Stephen Curry Earn from Investments?

Stephen Curry’s income streams go beyond his salary and endorsement earnings, as the 2022 NBA Finals MVP has strategically invested his income across various sectors. 

From sports to entertainment and beverages, Curry has built a solid, diversified investment portfolio. 

He’s the owner of Unanimous Media, a production company with a development deal in place with Comcast NBCUniversal, and he recently scored a first-look podcasting deal with Audible. 

In 2020, Curry signed a deal with OXIGEN Beverage, earning him a significant stake in the premium bottled water company.3 

Curry is also an investor and partner in the San Francisco startup PALM, even contributing to the designing and testing of accessories made by the startup. 

His investment portfolio also extends to SuperTravel, a tech company focused on travel and the best hotel deals. 

Through his company SC30, Curry manages his diverse business interests, brand deals, and philanthropic ventures. 

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Stephen Curry has imprinted his name forever in the annals of NBA history. 

His impressive performances on the court have had a ripple effect, significantly extending his income streams beyond basketball. 

So, how much money does Stephen Curry make a year?

The answer is $48 million and counting—more than enough to secure his spot as one of the richest NBA stars on the planet.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons

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