12 Hottest UFC Ring Girls (Most Beautiful Octagon Girls)

Hottest UFC Ring Girls (Most Beautiful Octagon Girls)

As sure as eggs are eggs, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) houses a great deal of the most ruthless fighters, relentless fans, an electric atmosphere, and incredibly entertaining bouts that mixed martial arts offers.

Nevertheless, fans appreciate little breaks from the hammering and tonging within the octagon, longing for a moment of cacophonic joy after a round of unbridled catastrophes.

UFC fans have found the visitation of the hottest UFC ring girls to draw semblance to comic relief, admiring their stunning beauty amidst the entertainment and fun they enjoy viewing the fighters.

While octagon girls primarily inform the audience of the next stage of the match, their allure helps the fans relax.

Without a shadow of a doubt, every UFC ring girl is drop-dead gorgeous, but some are more attractive than others.

We will now discuss our favorite picks of the most beautiful octagon girls in this article.

Top 12 Hottest UFC Ring Girls

12. Jhenny Andrade

Nationality: Brazilian 

You must be as beautiful as a summer sunset to feature as a commercial model at age six, and Jhenny Andrade was just as gorgeous.

She began starring on Brazil’s TV Thathi and later on other airwaves, gaining national recognition as a media personality. 

The UFC soon became a more comprehensive platform for Jhenny Andrade’s fame, but her beauty and sexiness earned her the spot, thanks to her radiance.

Jhenny is a three-time UFC’s Ring Girl of the Year and has been among the world’s 100 sexiest women.

11. Luciana Andrade

Hot Luciana Andrade Bikini Picture
@lucianaandrade / Instagram

Nationality: Brazilian

Luciana Andrade was closing in on her thirties when she debuted in the octagon as a UFC ring girl in 2014.

Nevertheless, the thirty-six-year-old remains as stunning as that night in UFC 56. Her hair is an unbounded mass of brown beauty that perfectly matches her iris.

A dimpled smile with the craftiest curves adds to the recipe that makes her melt the hearts of psyched fans. 

Impressively, Luciana Andrade excelled academically before showing off her beauty inside the octagon.

She has a master’s degree in law and worked as a legal practitioner for about a decade before an invite from UFC Brazil changed her course.

10. Kahili Blundell

Nationality: Australian

A Kahili Blundell’s photograph is all you need to explain what “flawless” is.

The Australian blonde was named the 2011 Ralph Australian Swimwear Model and has appeared in several swimsuit magazines and the Australian Maxim and Zoo.

However, the UFC’s fans recognize her as an enchanting octagon girl blessed with a full-figured body, glassy grey eyes, and the silkiest fair skin.

Albeit modeling and being a ring girl, Kahili Blundell is also a fitness trainer; little wonder we have never caught her out of shape.

9. Camila Oliveira

Sexy Camila Oliveira Bikini Picture
@camyss / Instagram

Nationality: Brazilian

Camila Oliveira is perhaps the most famous Brazilian octagon ring girl, but undoubtedly the first.

Camille Olivera joined the UFC in 2013 and has preserved her charm, continually turning heads whenever she walks into the octagon.

On one occasion, the New York Post claimed Camila Oliveira took advantage of Conor McGregor’s UFC 257 to promote her X-rated website where members can see her revealing pictures and chat with her.

8. Arianny Celeste

Sexy Arianny Celeste Bikini Picture
@ariannyceleste / Instagram

Nationality: American

From the vices of Las Vegas to the electrifying violence within the UFC’s octagons, Arianny Celeste has performed excellently in maintaining her radiance.

We may attribute Arianny’s feat to her degree in fitness management and nutrition, but we must accredit her natural beauty, detailing the curviest womanly features and flawless skin.

Arianny Celeste is a cause of burning passions and rip-roaring groans as she gracefully steps to announce the bout’s next stage.

Arianny Celeste’s sixteen years as a ring girl have been illustrious; she is a five-time UFC Ring Card Girl of the Year awardee, four of which are consecutive.

Arianny is also a model and hobby painter, featuring in top magazines like Playboy, FHM, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and Fighter’s Only Magazine.

There is no doubting Arianny Celeste’s youthful beauty; even Maxim ranked her on their Hot 100 list five times consecutively between 2010 and 2015.

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7. Vanessa Hanson

Vanessa Hanson in Sexy Bikini
@vanessahanson / Instagram

Nationality: American

Vanessa Hanson could only rely on glamour to make her hopes and dreams come true. While she was a regular college student, she had everything to be a guest UFC octagon girl.

Eventually, Vanessa’s unbridled beauty was laid bare for the world to see and admire, winning a contest to be a guest UFC octagon girl at the US Open of surfing.

Even the weary eyes of disappointed UFC fans are drawn to Vanessa Hanson’s charm and stunning looks.

The 27-year-old American is also a model, thanks to her North American and European roots, perfectly blended to make her the exotic beauty we admire.

Interestingly, Vanessa enjoys yoga, traveling, cooking, nature, and spending time with animals whenever she is not around the octagon or before the lens.

6. Carly Baker

Nationality: English

If Carly was a piece of cake, beauty is her icing. Without a shadow of a doubt, she is that piece of cake any baker would be proud of.

The first European UFC ring girl is an epitome of beauty, characterized by a toned physique, bright eyes, blond hair, and an inviting smile.

Carly Baker began her modeling career as a fourteen-year-old; she is also a singer and dancer with a collegial knowledge of nutrition and body fitness.

5. Chrissy Blair

Nationality: American

Chrissy Blair portrays beauty, promotes beauty, and has been used to publish beauty. How else can we prove she is beautiful?

Blair is a mess of gorgeous chaos and a flower of virtue. Regardless of her stunning physical characteristics, a five-foot, seven-inch stretch of slender elegance, blond hair, and a face most skilfully carved by nature.

Before walking into the UFC’s rings, Blair worked for Major Model Management, a modeling agency in New York.

She has been featured on the pages of GUESS, Sports Illustrated, and Maxim magazines, amongst others.

Chrissy Blair is willing to share her beauty tips, prompting her to co-establish Kalumi, an all-natural protein and beauty supplement bar company.

4. Kristie Pearson

Nationality: Australian

Only a beaut like Kristie Pearson can win a fighter’s heart. Kristie is married to former UFC fighter Ross Pearson, whom she met while working on ‘The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes.’

Pearson has modeled for many brand endorsements and featured in adult films, albeit working as a UFC octagon girl.

3. Red Dela Cruz

Nationality: Filipino

Perhaps Red heeded the bible’s advice to keep on seeking, and it’s evident that she has found what she was aiming for.

The Filipina model was not born on a bed of roses but in the manger of poverty.

However, she kept her modeling ambition and eventually won the first-ever UFC octagon girl search contest and became the Philippines’ first UFC octagon girl.

Red Dela Cruz does not feel the octagon is her limit but has ventured into modeling and works at a data company in Sydney when she is off modeling gigs and octagon girl duties.

It is within bounds to say Red Dela Cruz is successful; however, her beauty gave her the platform to rise.

Her body is artfully created to be idolized by her deserving fandom, with her well-defined cheekbones, slender figure, and Filipino tinge.

2. Brookliyn Wren

Sexy Brookliyn Wren Bikini
@brookliyn_wren / Instagram

Nationality: American

Black is beautiful, and so is Brookliyn Wren! We cannot get enough of her phenomenal and eye-catching body.

She is tall, approximately five feet, ten inches, with curly brown hair that she regularly styles or braids.

If you find yourself crushing on the Afro-American sweetheart after a couple of UFC minute-long breaks, you might soon fall in love when you check out her Instagram page.

Brookliyn Wren began her modeling career as a thirteen-year-old in 2007; however, she joined the UFC as an octagon girl ten years later.

1. Brittney Palmer

Nationality: American

The unthinkable unfolds before our eyes — Brittney Palmer, who has once been bedridden by a fatal car accident, has forced her way through to the octagon, magically rising so high, reaching for the sky as a three-time UFC Ring Card Girl awardee.

The American goddess ticks all the boxes concerning beauty.

From a stunning physical appearance to a cheerful personality and a career artfully painted by intelligence, skills, and talent, Brittney Palmer ranks high among the hottest UFC ring girls.

Hot Brittney Palmer Bikini
@brittneypalmer / Instagram

Palmer is a renowned model, talented dancer, and adept artist; she is an Art History and Classic Portraiture graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Brittney applied her academic mastery in working with acrylics, oils, and aerosols to produce masterpieces on display at top museums in Hong Kong, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Wrap Up

While we enjoy the thrills Mixed Martial Arts offers, we fill our eyes with the participants’ beauty.

The UFC’s fighters portend that the promotion is a pool of beautiful ladies, but the ring girls we have just considered have proven it.

Their beauty has shone across the octagon and has helped them excel in other aspects of their career, including modeling and acting.

We hope you appreciate these ladies and others who were omitted from our list for their primary job of informing the audience of the next stage of the match and the tension they relieve via their elegance, charm, and allure.

Featured Image: @red_delacruz, @camyss, @brittneypalmer / Instagram

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