Top 15 Hottest Female Tennis Players On Tour (2023)

Top 15 Hottest Female Tennis Players On Tour

Women’s tennis is a pool of exquisite beauty, stunning appearances, and impressive talents, with ladies that understand the value of enchantment via their looks and careers.

We have compiled a list of the world’s hottest female tennis players based on their natural attractiveness, panache, and broad appeal.

The phrase “tennis is a beautiful sport” is common knowledge, proven by fascinating elements that other sports cannot emulate.

A tennis session has no time limit, is packed with unpredictability, and has no draw outcome.

Moreover, it is decorated by attractive individuals in the male and female categories.

The sport’s attributes deserve credibility; tennis’s demand for anaerobic prowess and strength keeps ladies in great shape.

Read through our article to see the hottest women’s tennis players on the tour!

The Hottest Female Tennis Players Right Now

15. Emma Radacanu

Nationality: British
Height: Five feet, nine inches 

While Emma Radacanu represents Great Britain, she was born in Canada and is of Romanian and Chinese descent.

Emma travels the world to find beauty, and it is evident that she found it; her European-Chinese tinge is pretty apparent, expressed through her beautiful smile and Romanian beauty standards.

There is beauty in language, and the nineteen-year-old Brit is multilingual, fluent in Mandarin, and almost fluent in Romanian. 

Emma Radacanu is painting an artistic career, becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title in forty-five years; she is also the reigning US Open champion.

14. Lesia Tsurenko

Lesia Tsurenko Bikini
@lesiatsurenko / Instagram

Nationality: Ukrainian 
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches

As the Ukrainian sky is beautified by moonlight shining through the measurable vault of heaven, Lesia Tsurenko’s charm has the tone of a blazing sunset.

She has a stunning figure and a cheeky smile and is never shy of showcasing her assets on social media.

At thirty-three, Lesia Tsurenko has four Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and six International Tennis Federation (ITF) singles titles, and eight doubles titles on the ITF Circuit.

13. Sorana Cirstea

Sorana Cirstea
Sorana Cirstea / Instagram

Nationality: Romanian
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches

Sorana Cirstea dictates gameplay with her powerful groundstrokes and commands attention from fans with her stunning looks.

While her long strides help her cover ground without appearing to move quickly, she has managed to make the cut regarding allure without flaunting her boobs all over social media.

Impressively, Sorana’s charisma, cute face, and elite, modest fashion sense are enough to make heads turn. 

Sorana Cirstea has won seven titles in the singles and doubles categories throughout her career. 

12. Sabine Lisicki

Nationality: German
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

If hair is a beautiful form of self-expression, Sabine Lisicki’s rebounding mass of blond hair brags about her allure.

Body positivity advocates believe everyone is beautiful if one is not blind to see it, but even a man gradually losing sight can see how attractive Sabine is.

She comes drop-dead gorgeous in interviews and blesses us with her killer smile. 

11. Danielle Collins

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

The name Danielle Collins brings to mind the just-concluded 2022 Australian Open.

While Collins’s achievement will be fresh in fans’ minds as the tournament’s runner-up, she has always been a sight that pleases their eyes.

Her athletic body and towering height are positives, but her smile, grey eyes, and modelesque panache are remarkably eye-catching. 

Danielle Collins has displayed physical and mental radiance with two WTA Tour singles titles and a master’s degree in sports management in a program partnering with the Women’s Tennis Association.

10. Yulia Putintseva

Nationality: Kazakh
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches

How often do we see a Kazakhstani feature in “top-x” lists? Not very often, but excellence in beauty and sports puts one on a list like ours.

Russian-born Yulia Putintseva would be the talk of the town if she grew up in a small community in Kazakhstan.

She is as beautiful as stars in pure dark, with thick thighs, a round figure, and natural blond beauty. Impressively, two WTA Tour singles titles to her name. 

9. Camilla Giorgi

Nationality: Italian
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Many women pay a king’s ransom to look fiery, undergoing cosmetic surgeries using makeovers.

However, Camilla Giorgi gets it on a platter — the Italian gene. Italian women are some of the world’s most beautiful, and our No. 9 exemplifies that claim.

While Camilla is known for her aggressive game style, she is easy on the eye, slender and chic, and befitting of featuring on the pages of the world’s top magazines.

Camilla Giorgi has synchronized beauty and excellence; she won the 2021 Canadian Open (National Bank Open) singles title and is currently ranked amongst the top thirty, being Italy’s number one.

8. Paula Badosa

Nationality: Spanish
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

You saw it coming; you knew it would come — a Spaniard on our list!

Paula Badosa deserves to be here for her chubby cheeks, round face, smooth skin, and effervescent sparkling grey eyes.

We must add the flair, panache, and elegance that contribute to her hauteur.

The twenty-four-year-old debuted in the professional scene in 2015 and has won three career WTA Tour singles titles.

She reached a career-high world No. 2 in singles ranking, beating most players on this list.

7. Elina Svitolina

Nationality: Ukrainian
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches

Elina Svitolina
Elina Svitolina / Instagram

The radiance of a beautiful woman surpasses the stars when excellence and mastery brighten her glamor.

Elina Svitolina is a splendor within the realms of sports and physical appearance.

A low-quality tattoo on her thigh is slighting, but she makes up for it with her swag and country fashion.

Her beauty undoubtedly attracted ATP tennis player Gaël Monfils, with whom she is married. The couple announced their anticipation of a first child in May 2022.

Elina Svitolina is a sixteen-time WTA Tour singles title-winner and ranked third in singles in September 2017.

6. Naomi Broady

Naomi Broady
Naomi Broady / Instagram

Nationality: British
Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Naomi Broady has height on her side and can model for most fashion brands with this advantage.

However, there is more to Brit’s physical attributes than height; she is blonde and curvy, with a charming smile and prominent cheekbones.

Naomi has all these beautiful features, but what stands out is her stunning long legs.

Her legs are great for modeling but have helped her define a playing style that involves approaching the net to avoid long rallies.

Naomi Broady is a WTA doubles title-winner, the first on our list, a twenty-time ITF title-winner, and a nine-time singles title-winner. 

5. Katie Boulter

Nationality: British
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches

Katie Boulter might not be among the best tennis players in the world, peaking at 82nd in the singles ranking and 431st in the doubles rankings.

Nevertheless, her allure is unquestionable. Her slim, tall, and supple figure outshines other features, but her fashion style puts the elegance of British royalty before the public.

Katie Boulter also has six singles and four doubles titles on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women’s Circuit.

4. Donna Vekic

Donna Vekic Bikini at the Beach
@donnavekic / Instagram

Nationality: Croatian
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

You would have thought Donna acted in a Disney film if the first picture of her you find online was taken at a media awards show or on a red carpet.

She has all it takes to feature in such ‘princess’ home videos; she is two inches shy of six feet, with a perfect forehead, cute nose, and captivating smile.

Donna Vekic possesses physical and mental beauty, acquiring sports and business success alongside her good looks.

Donna is a five-time singles title-winner and a one-time doubles title-winner on the ITF Circuit and has three singles titles on the WTA Tour to her name.

She is also a proud luxury home fragrance merchant.

3. Eugenie Bouchard

Beautiful Eugenie Bouchard Bikini Photo
@geniebouchard / Instagram

Nationality: Canadian
Height: 5 feet, 10 inches

Beauty has various shades, and Eugenie Bouchard is adorned in the most colorful shades.

Modeling firms look for delicate physical features and elements of a perfect face; as luck would have it, Eugenie Bouchard has these features.

The twenty-eight-year-old is capable of turning head over heels and could model for a brand like any other professional model with her flawless skin, expressive brows, pointed nose tips, tapered chin, and symmetrical face cut.

Pretty women look like all they have is their physical appeal, but Eugenie Bouchard proves they offer more than allure.

She became the first Canadian-born player representing the county to reach a Grand Slam tournament final in the singles category.

2. Ana Bogdan

Sexy Ana Bogdan Bikini Photo
@_ana.bogdan_ / Instagram

Nationality: Romanian
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches

Ana can boast about her beauty as she likes, and no one will express their displeasure.

Every picture we see and every photo she posts tells about a Romanian lady whose attention is as eye-catching as a firefly’s spark.

She is currently in a relationship with Romanian-Italian rally driver Simone Tempestini. 

1. Monika Kilnarova

Hot Monika Kilnarova Bikini Picture
@monicakilnarova / Instagram

Nationality: Czech 

Monika Kilnarova might not feature in a ranking based on achievements or skills, but here she ranks first in a list of the world’s hottest female tennis players.

She deserves it because of her stunning physical attributes — blonde, square-faced, expressive brows, pointed nose tips, tapered chin, sparkling grey eyes, flawless skin, and full lips.

We can say much about Monika Kilnarova’s career as she is currently ranked 408th with a career-high 276th in the WTA Singles Ranking and 333rd with a career-high 114 in the ITF Singles Ranking.

Wrap Up

Without a doubt, there has always been an abundance of sexiest female tennis players on the WTA Tour, famed for their worth ethic, career success, and physical appearance.

We have selected the most attractive female tennis players on tour whose fashion sense, charm, and allure meet popular demand, and hope you have enjoyed our list.

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