Top 10 Hottest Female MMA Fighters 2023 (Sexy Pictures)

Top 10 Hottest Female MMA Fighters (Sexy Pictures) - Jessica Eye, Paige VanZant, Mackenzie Dern

Packed with thrills and the most jaw-dropping unpredictability, MMA continues to make its merry way into the mainstream.

The dramas before the fights, the bouts between big names, and the players’ physical prowess and technical brilliance keep you on your seat’s edge.

However, it could be more exciting when you watch female MMA fighters; these sexy ladies are proficient in their art but are in fantastic shape.

They are not only entertaining to watch but very admirable. Therefore, we will rank the hottest female MMA fighters in this article.

Our list contains martial artists from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and other popular MMA leagues.

They are rated based on their looks inside and outside the octagon.

Who are the Hottest Female MMA Fighters Right Now?

10. Lena Ovchynnikova

Lena Ovchynnikova Bikini
@lenaovchynnikova / Instagram

Nationality: Ukrainian
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Division: Featherweight
League: Bellator MMA

Remember to turn on the air conditioner before viewing Lena Ovchynnikova’s pictures; else, you may sweat profusely under your collar.

Why? The Ukrainian fighter is so hot! Her fans often admire her in bikinis when she walks into the octagon.

However, she looks even more attractive when her fiery eyes become blue and inviting. 

Lena Ovchynnikova perfectly fits the expression “beautiful and dangerous!”

She looks as tender as a smile but is a tentative fighter with fourteen world championships in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA combined.

9. Jinh Yu Frey

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
Division: Atomweight, Strawweight
League: UFC

We have admired several Korean ladies in Hallyuwood movies and shows; however, we have a beautiful American with a Korean tone in the UFC.

The sport’s personnel most remembers Jinh Yu Frey as the former Invicta FC Atomweight Champion, but her fans admire her stunning pictures and curated photo gallery.

8. Anastasia Yankova

Anastasia Yankova Bikini
@anastasia_yankova / Instagram

Nationality: Russian
Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Division: Flyweight
League: Bellator MMA

How often do we see someone who can knock someone out with a few punches and kicks and put them back on their feet with a seductive wink?

It is only as often as seeing Anastasia Yankova. The Russian will have a fruitful modeling career if she considers quitting Mixed Martial Arts.

She’s a beautiful blonde with a pretty face that could make a random spectator doubt her fighting prowess before the match begins.

The Russian has only lost one game throughout her MMA career. Still, she believes that looks play a crucial role in her fandom.

She told Bleacher Report in an exclusive interview in 2016: “If you look good, people will likely be nicer to you; there’s nothing I can do about it, so I might as well use it to my advantage.”

Anastasia Yankova continues to wow her fans with her striking poses and modelesque pictures without failing in her career. 

7. Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie Dern Bikini
@mackenziedern / Instagram

Nationality: American professional
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Division: Strawweight
League: UFC

If we were to publish an article about Mackenzie Dern, its headline would read: “Dern dominates the octagon and charms MMA fans with her beauty.”

The former world No. 1 IBJJF competitor is of Brazilian descent and has shown us every reason to believe that she learned the culture of expressing her natural beauty.

She has a beautiful smile that extends from ear to ear and has blown her fans’ minds with her top-notch fashion ideas.

Mackenzie is never shy about sharing her bikini photos; you will find many sexy ones on her Instagram page.

Mackenzie Dern has synchronized beauty and excellence, holding the record for the most submission wins in the UFC Strawweight division and winning twelve from fourteen bouts throughout her MMA career. 

6. Kaytlin Neil

Kaytlin Neil Bikini
@kaytlinkatnissmma / Instagram

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Division: Flyweight
League: Bellator 

Kaytlin Neil has lost four bouts despite winning five throughout her professional MMA career.

Still, there is a lesser possibility of the American losing this much if those contests were conducted in fashion shows.

Kaytlin Neil is beautiful and worthy of featuring in any sports-related magazine, thanks to her perfect face and flawless skin. 

5. Brooke “The Bully” Mayo

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches 
Division: Lightweight 

Three losses in three professional MMA fights is an abysmal record, and we can’t help wondering why Brooke Mayo is called “The Bully.”

Such a poor record will put away someone just picking an interest in MMA and looking for someone to support.

However, Brooke can make it to everyone’s heart in other news — Brooke “The Beaut” Mayo.

A trip along her photo gallery will put you on the coast of sensuality, for there, you will find several hot pictures and footage that tells you of her magnificence.

While Brooke Mayo just welcomed a child and is currently away from sporting activities, she remained as beautiful as the rainbow when she was heavy.

We hope she returns better than ever to prove why she earned the name “The Bully.”

4. Miesha Tate

Hot Miesha Tate Bikini Picture

Nationality: American 
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Division: Bantamweight
League: UFC

If you are new to watching UFC matches, it is alright for you to think Miesha Tate is an octagon girl because she is as beautiful as any of them.

The American is an ex-Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion with an initial retirement in 2016.

She returned five years later to remind Marion Reneau of her achievements within the octagon.

However, one thing nobody ever forgot throughout Tate’s retirement and beyond is her dazzling beauty. 

In December 2013, Fitness Gurls magazine labeled Miesha Tate “the most beautiful woman in MMA” after she stripped down for the camera in the 2013 ESPN Body Issue.

She became the fans’ favorite in the 2022 Celebrity Big Brother, winning the show over Todrick Hall in the final two. 

Despite maintaining her charm, Tate has an illustrious career; she won the UFC and StrikForce Women’s Bantamweight Championships and was named the 2011 Female Fighter of the Year.

3. Jessica Eye

Sexy Jessica Eye Bikini Picture
Photo by @jessicaevileye

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
Division: Flyweight
League: UFC

Jessica Eye is among the hottest female UFC fighters. Her fans call her “Evil,” so we can say: “Evil is a beautiful goddess.”

It is surprising how some fierce-looking fighter like Jessica Eye could become so attractive outside the court.

In all, including her name, Evil is a tenacious fighter; she has terrific hands, lethal strikes, and dominant takedown defense, fighting as any male mixed martial artist.

Similarly, she constantly sweeps her admirers off their feet outside the octagon with striking poses and sexy bikini shots.

The American once announced via Instagram her intentions to launch an OnlyFans page, hinting about its ‘adult-only contents.’

While her post received mixed views from her fans, she launched her page for $30 per month.

Her posts give more insight into her routine as she shares no rated content but training footage, photoshoots, 420 footage, and BOOTY pics, as announced via her Instagram posts in March 2021.

Evil eventually deleted her post but hit back at her critics.

2. Michelle Waterson

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 3 inches
Division: Strawweight
League: UFC

Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson is a black belter in American Freestyle Karate and a brown belter in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

However, she is an ultimate hottie in the beauty and fashion sphere. Michelle has mastered martial arts and the art of looking beautiful.

She has a massive fan following on Instagram, thanks to being a professional badass with a fantastic Thai tinge.

Her beauty helped her secure a spot in the 2017 ESPN Body Issue.

Michelle Waterson’s charm compelled the former U.S. Armed Forces amateur boxing champion Joshua Gomez before her feet, and the couple remains until this day with a child together. 

1. Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant Bikini Picture
@paigevanzant / Instagram

Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Division: Flyweight
League: Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (Bare Knuckle)

Paige “12 Gauge” VanZant undoubtedly tops the list of the hottest female MMA fighters right now.

Most fans will instead surrender than attempt to lay a finger on Paige if they are chanced to face her in the octagon.

She has won eight from thirteen MMA contests, wrestled alongside her husband Austin Vanderford, and has appeared as a bare-knuckle boxer, implying that she is up to the task.

Nevertheless, her beauty means more to her fans than her record. Paige VanZant’s fanbase extends beyond martial arts because she is an author, TV personality, and model.

While Paige underwent breast augmentation to improve her shape, her beauty is of the highest rank, helping her secure modeling deals with Nike and Columbia Sportswear.

Sexy Hot Paige VanZant in Smoking Hot Bikini Bathing
Photo by @paigevanzant

The beautiful blonde began dating former CageSport Welterweight Champion Austin Vanderford in 2017 and tied the knot with him a year later.

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Wrap Up

The sexiest female MMA fighters are tenacious fighters and an entertaining lot.

Furthermore, they are gorgeous and glamorous, using their athleticism to create a pool of beautiful ladies.

We can find beauty in the most unexpected places; you may be surprised to see women whose fashion sense, elegance, and allure appeal to many in Mixed Martial Arts.

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