Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers In The World Right Now


There is a certain flamboyance ascribed to golfers; these individuals are seen as stylish and sophisticated.

Although every sport has athletes whose beauty and fame accentuate their popularity, as we outlined in our list of the 20 hottest female athletes, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has an impressive number of such athletes.

The argument about who the hottest female golfers in the world are has become a hot topic in underground clatter and talk among fans.

Thus, we lay to a definitive rest these arguments with our list of the top 10 hottest female golf stars in the world.

The Hottest Female Golfers

10. Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda in green bikini
@nellykorda/ Instagram

Aside from impressive golfing talents and wits, one other feature the Korda golf sisters boast of is smoking hot looks. The younger Korda displaces her sister and other golfers to land in the number four spot on our list.

One peculiar feature that makes Nelly Korda unique is that, despite how modestly she adorns herself, her hot looks still radiate with a flourish as much as her golfing talents.

The youngest of the KORDishian golfing sisters comes from a family of sports stars and thus keeps a fine, athletic shape. Her golden hair, similar to that of her sister, helps give her a glamorous, hot look that fans greatly adore.

Though fans are eager to know who captures the romantic interest of Nelly Korda, the rising star seems to be squarely focused on building her golf career.

9. Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson photoshoot
@annarawson/ Instagram

By any metric used in ranking the stats included in this list, Anna Rawson would surpass them all in stunning fashion.

A star with an exquisitely beautiful look and figure, it can be so easy to confuse her for a full-time model.

Despite the fact that she is a golfer, Anna Rawson’s beauty and figure have been embraced by the modelling world right from a young age.

As early as age 16, Anna Rawson began modelling, and even to this day, she combines golfing with modelling. Rawson, who is a mother of two, has an angelic look that is not oblivious to golf fans.

So often, the star is included in every list of the most beautiful female golfers.

8. Shasta Averyhardt

shasta averyhardt in bikini
@shastaaveryhardt/ Instagram

Shasta Averyhardt is an American professional golfer. She is the first African-American golfer on the LPGA Tour since 2001 when she qualified in 2010 for the 2011 tour.

She went to Jackson State University, a historically black university, and she is also of Mexican descent.

This beauty has turned heads not only due to her exceptional talents but also for her physical attractiveness.

Add to her stunning beauty, Shasta Averyhardt’s elegance and modest fashion choices, and you have one of the most dazzling female golfers in the world.

7. Sharmila Nicollet

Sharmila Nicollet in bikini
@sharmilanicollet/ Instagram

Stylish, tall, and beautiful, Sharmila Nicollet is the absolute epitome of beauty for an athlete. No matter what she steps out in, Sharmila Nicollet effortlessly dazzles.

One look at Sharmila Nicollet, and you’ll probably take her for a full-time model. The Indian golfer is not only one of the most exceptional athletes in her discipline but also among the hottest.

She has enviable height, flawless skin, a stunning smile, and an attractive appearance that she amplifies with her signature red lipstick.

Sharmila Nicollet also compliments her gorgeous look with an alluring hairdo, which she casually rocks.

As amazing as she looks, Sharmila Nicollet has managed to cast a mystery blanket over her romantic affairs.

But a careful look at her Instagram reveals a romantic flair with American Olympian and Tokyo 2020 Olympics silver medalist Kenny Bednarek.

6. Muni He

Muni Hi in white bikini
@lilymhe / Instagram

With a cute face that is perfect and gorgeous enough to be the face of C-dramas, Muni He stirs passion in the hearts of LPGA fans, and fans can’t stop talking about this gorgeous Chinese star in the league.

The rising star, who is pretty new to the LPGA, is striving to make her mark in the toughly contested world of golf, but while she strives to excel at that, her classic good looks have made her a prominent figure on the tour.

He compliments her intensely hot looks with her superior sense of style, which extends to her hands, and has made her beloved.

He’s attractiveness has caught the attention of current sports stars, but she opted for Alex Albon, the good-looking Thai-British Formula One driver who competes for Williams Racing.

5. Lucy Robson

Lucy Robson in teal gown
@lucyrobson/ Instagram

Since Lucy Robson took time off the green, the delicate glow of her radiant skin has been so missed.

The English golfer has one of the hottest looks of all athletes in the world, as she is quite endowed with looks and talents.

With a fascinating sense of style that oozes so much ambient and gives the look of a superstar runway model, Robson dazzles wherever she goes, be it on the course or off the course.

Alongside her gorgeous physique, Robson’s thin layer of heavenly smile gives her a dazzling look capable of thrusting her into the cynosure of all eyes and our top 5 hottest female golfers list.

4. Mariah Stackhouse

Mariah Stackhouse in bikini
@mostackbirdies/ Instagram

Mariah Stackhouse is a beautiful woman. She has long, dark hair, brown eyes, and a warm smile. She is also in great physical shape, thanks to her demanding career as a professional golfer.

Stackhouse is not afraid to show off her beauty. She often posts photos of herself on social media, and she has been featured in several magazines and advertisements.

She is also a role model for young women, and she is often praised for her confidence and her positive attitude.

3. Charley Hull

Charley Hull in bikini
@charley.hull/ Instagram

If there ever was a perfect figure, Charley Hull’s body would be the supreme embodiment of it. The golfing prodigy boasts a beautiful face, which is a sight for sore eyes.

Her captivating smile and her equally stunning sense of style give away the beauty she has.

As hot as she looks, Charley Hull’s golf prowess is even hotter. As young as 8 years old, the star already had enough talent for the sport, and she continues to dazzle fans.

Her success in the LPGA compliments her perfect beauty, making her one of the hottest stars on the golf tour.

The star got married to Mixed Martial artist Oozie Smith, a hot-looking athlete, in 2019. 1

But these days, fans can’t help but wonder what happened to her marriage. She and her heartthrob seem to be on bad terms, as they have unfollowed each other. However, she makes the top three on our list of the hottest female golfers.

2. Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac Holding a Golf Club

Paige Spiranac’s stunning appearance attracted attention beyond the golfing community to social media.

Paige Spiranac’s choice of clothing and style, which showcase her beauty, has caused controversy for “sexualizing women’s golf” within some quarters. But Paige’s response to these claims has been her campaign against cyberbullying, specifically those targeting her for bringing attention to female golf incorrectly.

She was also one of the leading figures that butted heads with the LPGA following their decision to introduce strict dress codes in 2017.

However, despite her revealing her sultry pictures on social media, which is a major basis for the numerous claims about her sexualizing golf, her marriage to Steven Tinoco, the athletic trainer, has come to an unfortunate end. 2

Whether you think she sexualizes female golf, one thing stands out: Spiranac is a beauty who has swooned and continues to swoon, earning her the second spot on the 10 hottest female golfers list.

1. Cheyenne Woods

Athletic and beautiful, Cheyenne Woods is indeed a sight to behold. One of the LPGA’s finest-looking stars, Wood has elicited so much admiration not just for her talents but also for her beauty.

A perfect combination of sporting excellence and ravishing beauty, Wood could easily pass for a full-time model.

For admirers of the star, her marriage to New York Yankees star Aaron Hicks may have seemed disappointing.

In October 2021, she got engaged to her lover, with her later announcing she got married on February 2, 2022. In April 2022, Woods joined the ranks of LPGA moms.

As she takes time off, we can be sure that once she gets back on the road, her exquisite figure will once again leave us breathless. She is the hottest female golfer on the list.

Final Words

There are a myriad of stunning female golfers on the LPGA, so it is incredibly difficult to narrow down the top 10. However, we managed to accomplish the tedious task, but contrary opinions exist, as with every human thought.

Certain notable figures not making our list of the hottest female golfers may seem like a big letdown, and perhaps ranking lower than expected may seem disappointing, but our list consists of the hottest stars in the LPGA.

However, we hope to hear from you. What athletes do you think should have made our list? Do tell us.

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