9 Best Polish UFC Fighters In MMA History

9 Best Polish UFC Fighters In MMA History

Poland has produced a handful of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters with a few institutions to develop its talents.

Still, these lots yearn to lay their hands on the holy grail, fighting their way through each obstacle and representing their nation in the sport’s most significant scene, the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

Jan Błachowicz the acclaimed Polish UFC fighter claimed the Light Heavyweight belt in his heydays in the promotion.

Still, Krzysztof Jotko, with the second-highest decision-wins per win percentage in UFC History, is also Polish.

The list continues, and we will review the best Polish UFC fighters in the UFC.

Best Polish UFC Fighters

9. Damian Stasiak

Damian Stasiak
Damian Stasiak / Instagram

Height: Five feet, five inches

The most intriguing fairy tale to tell is not of Damian Stasiak’s UFC career, as he scrapped two wins from six contests.

Nevertheless, his gallant loss to Brian Kelleher in UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs. Till was worthy of the Fight of the Night award.

Unimpressed by his performances, the UFC released Stasiak in September 2018.

Still, his appearance in the UFC’s octagon from a country that has not produced many UFC representatives is applaudable.

8. Damian Grabowski

Damian Grabowski
Source: Wikimedia

Height: Six feet, one inch

The UFC never favored Damian Grabowski, but we can argue that his presence increased his country’s popularity in the promotion.

However, the Polish Pit Bull, as fondly known to fans, has lost only twice outside the UFC’s octagon, winning the UCFC 2009 Heavyweight Tournament and M-1 2013 Heavyweight Championship.

Grabowski is a tenacious fighter with a 22-5 record; hence, it is puzzling why he could not make it out triumphant in any of his three UFC contests.

7. Adam Wieczorek

Adam Wieczorek
Adam Wieczorek / Instagram

Height: Six feet, five inches

Adam Wieczorek’s 10-2 record shows that it takes quite some effort to brush him off in the octagon.

In fact, only once did his UFC opponent prevail against him, winning two contests from three.

He also picked up the Performance of the Night honor in one such fight.1

Adam Wieczorek’s success was more profound in the Polish PLMMA promotion, winning the PLMMA Heavyweight Championship with an impressive 8-1 record.

6. Oskar Piechota

Oskar Piechota
Oskar Piechota / Instagram

Height: Six feet

Not every Polish UFC fighter’s career will remain in fans’ memories, but Piechota’s career before his UFC deal is worth reminiscing.

Oskar Piechota picked up the Knockout of the Night honor in his third-ever professional contest after defeating fellow Polish Livio Victoriano at MMA Attack 3.

His tenth professional contest saw him win the Cage Warriors Middleweight Championship, totaling a 9-0-1 record.2

He did not meet fans’ expectations in the UFC; regardless of winning his first two contests, the following three were losses, and the last was ruled a no-contest, summarizing his 2-3-(1) UFC career.

Piechota may look back at his career and still smile since he has an 11–3–1 (1) professional record.

5. Daniel Omielańczuk

Daniel Omielańczuk
Daniel Omielańczuk / Instagram

Height: Six feet

Like Marcin Held, Daniel Omielańczuk did not have the best UFC career but has done well to put together a beautiful 15-3-1 record before joining the UFC.3

Daniel left the octagon all smiles after defeating fellow newcomer Nandor Guelmino at UFC 165, a win he wished would result in a fruitful UFC career.4

Sadly, things did not go as planned, as reflects a 4-5 UFC record before further stints at the ACB and KSW.

4. Marcin Held

Marcin Held
Marcin Held / Instagram

Height: Five feet, nine inches

Amassing a 22-4 record lured the UFC into extending its tentacles to the Polish shores in 2016.

However, saying Marcin Held had a decent UFC career is an overstatement, regardless of his smooth ride prior.

The Polish UFC faithfuls must have cheered from the crowd and in front of their TV screens even though he hardly lived to their expectations.

They did not need to wait for long, though; Held won his next four contests, including all three in the Absolute Championship Berkut and his Professional Fighters League debut.

3. Marcin Tybura

Marcin Tybura
Marcin Tybura / Instagram

Height: Six feet, three inches

Marcin would not deny that he had a good time at M-1 Global, winning the M-1 2013 Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion and the M-1 Global Heavyweight Champion.

Nevertheless, he chose to extend his bounds to the UFC, where he could prove his skills and replicate his success in the sport’s biggest scene.

One could argue that Marcin Tybura has not become a UFC Heavyweight Champion, but he has accomplished enough to paint the promotion in Polish colors, with three Performance of the Night honors to his name.

Tybura lost his first game but only five in 15 after that to set a 16-6 record.

One of the most significant victories is against Alexander Romanov, handing the Moldovan fighter his first loss.

2. Krzysztof Jotko

Krzysztof Jotko
Krzysztof Jotko / Instagram

Height: Six feet, one inch

Jotko is a name that rings bells with two promotional record ties and a recent triumph on April 30 against Gerald Meerschaert at UFC on ESPN: Font vs. Vera.

However, Jotko is no stranger to success, winning all thirteen contests before signing with the UFC and losing just five in sixteen bouts since making his promotional debut in 2013, totaling a 24-5-0 career record.5

He ties with Gray Maynard for the second-highest decision wins per win percentage in UFC History (ten decision wins in eleven total wins: 90.7%) and with Brad Tavares for most split decision wins in UFC middleweight history (three).

The Polish picked up the Fight of the Night honor against Bojan Veličković in MMA Attack 3 but has won the Performance of the Night award in the UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. Nogueira 2.

1. Jan Błachowicz

Jan Błachowicz
Jan Błachowicz / Instagram

Height: Six feet, two inches

Headlining the UFC 259 that grossed eight hundred pay-per-view buys is for no ordinary UFC fighter; little wonder Jan Błachowicz tops our list of the best Polish UFC fighters.

Winning the KSW Light Heavyweight Heavyweight Championship would be far from Błachowicz’s most satisfying accomplishment, drawing him to the UFC, where he has replicated the Light Heavyweight Championship success to become the first Polish male UFC champion.

Błachowicz followed his UFC title victory with a title defense and has amassed five Performance of the Night and one Fight of the Night honors throughout his career.

Błachowicz’s UFC UFC record counts 29-9, occupying third in the September 13 UFC light heavyweight rankings.

Wrap Up

Many Polish have featured as mixed martial artists, but only a few have appeared on the big scene in the UFC; while some of these figures do not come close to the world’s bests, they are household names in their country and are worthy of their mention.

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